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15-year-old Endrick becomes Brazilian football’s latest sensation



Playing in the final of an Under-21 tournament for Brazilian club Palmeiras, 15-year-old Endrick collected the ball behind the halfway line and started running towards goal.

He passed a few defenders with ease. A third knocks him down a few meters later, but Endrick gets up quickly after a roll on the ground and continues with the ball.

A fourth defender had to step in to help him, eventually stopping him from a heavy foul.

Endrick lay on the ground for a few moments, arms outstretched, as the crowd continued to cheer from the stands.

Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa is Brazil’s latest teenage sensation, the next promising star catching the eye of European football.

The talented striker had already scored a goal in Tuesday’s 4-0 win over Santos in the Copa Sao Paulo final, Brazil’s most traditional youth competition, and won the best player and best player awards. goal – a beautiful bicycle shot from outside the box. in the quarter-finals.

This week, Endrick made the front page of Spanish sports daily Marca, receiving more prominence than tennis great Rafael Nadal after one of his Australian Open wins. The newspaper said Real Madrid are the favorites to try and sign him, although there have also been talks of Barcelona and other top clubs also wanting to join the race.

Endrick – who impresses with his solid runs, smart finishing and shrewd ability to get around opponents – doesn’t even have a pro contract yet. He will only be able to sign one in Brazil when he turns 16 in July. A move to Europe will only be allowed by FIFA at the age of 18.

His path could be similar to that taken by other recent promising Brazilian stars such as Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo, who struck early deals with Madrid as teenagers and then crossed the Atlantic after turning 18. The Spanish central paid nearly 45 million euros. (US$50.3 million) for each player.

Endrick, who moved to Sao Paulo with his family just to try his luck with Palmeiras, is represented by the same people as Vinicius.

His rapid rise has prompted some Palmeiras fans to call for him to be included in the squad for the Club World Cup in February, but coach Abel Ferreira says it’s too early to tell. have in the main team. He said a “trip to Disneyland” would be more fitting for Endrick and his family at this time.

“There’s no rush. He’s only 15,” said Ferreira, the Portuguese coach who has led Palmeiras to back-to-back Copa Libertadores titles since arriving in 2020. will join the main team.”

Endrick said he agreed with the coach and didn’t want to skip too many steps.

“I want to focus on playing in the youth teams for now,” he said. “Hopefully I will evolve and have a whole new career ahead of me.”

European clubs are also full of hope.