Arbeloa presents the clinics of the Real Madrid Foundation in Porto Montenegro


NEW STORIES. 01/20/2022

Some 400 participants are ready to take advantage of the experience, which is offered in collaboration with Be Free Football and The Spanish Way.

The amphitheater of Real Madrid City hosted the online presentation of the Real Madrid Foundation clinics to be held in the future in the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro) in collaboration with the city of Porto Montenegro, Be Free Football and The Spanish Way. The event was attended by the General Manager of the Real Madrid Foundation, Julio Gonzalez Ronco, and ambassador of Real Madrid, Alvaro Arbeloa, while Ignacio Sánchez, CEO of The Spanish Way; Zlatko Maric, CEO and founder of Be Free Football; and David Margarson, managing director of Porto Montenegro, attended remotely.

the Real Madrid FoundationBe Free Football’s partnership through The Spanish Way is now five years old and although the upcoming camps will not represent the first such events to be held in Montenegro, it is the first time they will be hosted in the city. exclusive to Porto Montenegro. in the Bay of Kotor. The clinics offer boys and girls who already play football the opportunity to experience the Foundationits values ​​and its methodology for building skills.

Funds and scholarships
Funds raised through the clinics are used for project management and FoundationSocio-sports projects and programs are aimed at socially disadvantaged minors. In addition, on this occasion, a scholarship program is set up for clinics.

Arbeloa again expressed its support for the Foundation‘s clinics and said that “a true measure of our success is when a partner is eager to repeat the experience we offer them”, referring to the fact that Montenegro has already hosted Real Madrid Foundation clinics. During this time, Maric pointed out that Montenegro is a country renowned for its athletes and champions and congratulated the club’s football team on their recent success in the Spanish Super Cup. For her part, Margarson spoke of the ideal nature of the city’s sporting facilities and tourist and local infrastructure that sees the area attracting such numbers of visitors during the summer months, with local authorities eager to provide all visitors “the best experience”.

Clinic dates
The clinics will run from July 25 to September 2 for six intense weeks during which more than 400 participants aged 6 to 17 will attend 90-minute slots. Creation of Be Free Football and The Spanish Way Real Madrid Foundation partners and have successfully organized clinics in the Mediterranean region over the past five seasons, attended by over 2,000 participants.