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CNIPA Update: China Leads PCT Applications for Third Consecutive Year


According to statistics published by WIPO on February 10, 2022, China remains the leading PCT filer for a third consecutive year (with 69,540 filings, +0.9% growth over 2020, followed by the United States: 59 570, +1.9%, Japan: 50,260, -0.6%, Republic of Korea: 20,678, +3.2% and Germany: 17,322, -6.4%).

The most active Chinese companies among the top 50 PCT applicants in 2021 are listed as follows:

In terms of applications by educational institutions, the main Chinese applicants are: Zhejiang University (with 306 applications), Tsinghua University (201 applications), South China University of Technology (169 applications ), Suzhou University (153 filings), Dalian University of Technology (146 filings), Shenzhen University (142 filings), Qingdao Technological University (139 filings), Jiangnan University (121 filings), Shandong University (105 deposits), Wuyi University (102 deposits) and Peking University (95 deposits).

Despite the ongoing pandemic, IP filing activities are flourishing in the following technical fields: IT (representing 9.9%), digital communication (9%), medical technology (7.1%), electrical machinery (6.9 %) and measure (4.6%) . Among the top 10 technologies with growth in 2021, pharmaceuticals (+12.8%) shows the fastest growth rate, followed by biotechnology (+9.5%), IT (+7.2 %) and digital communication (+6.9%).

China also saw the fastest growth in international trademark applications filed under the Madrid System, with 5,272 filings ranked third after the United States (13,276) and Germany (8,799).

(Original source: https://www.cnipa.gov.cn/art/2022/2/10/art_53_173154.html)