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Covid restrictions remain in Spanish schools



Covid restrictions remain in Spanish schools Credit: Pixabay

Covid restrictions remain in Spanish schools this school year.

The new school year is expected to start in Spain in September and by the time students return to school, nearly half of 12 to 18 year olds will have already been fully vaccinated against the potentially fatal coronavirus. Many of the remaining students will also have had their first jab.

Sadly, this will be the third academic year impacted by the ongoing pandemic and the government is due to meet on Wednesday, August 25 to decide exactly what will happen this year and revise the plans that were made previously.

Santiago Moreno, head of infectious diseases at Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, said schools are continuing much like last year.

“My advice would be for all schools and high schools to do more or less the same as last year,” Moreno said.

“It is still early days to remove measures such as masks and physical distancing. The virus circulation is too high and while the current [vaccination] percentages will help, it will be necessary to vaccinate almost the entire population from 12 to 19 and a lower incidence before it can be relaxed. “

Elena Vanessa Martinez, president of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE), believes that schools should also be run in the same way as last year.

“It was admirable and a lesson for all of us,” Martinez said.

“Schools and colleges have shown us that if things are done right, results are good. We now have a more contagious variant, but it is spread in the same way. So if we apply the same measures, the virus will still not be able to circulate in our places of learning. “

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