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Decathlon presents the Montessori balance board


The product for children between 1 and 6 years stimulates motor coordination


The sports equipment design and distribution company Decathlon presents the Montessori wooden balance board, intended for children from 1 to 6 years old to develop their psychomotor apparatus and their creativity.

The Montessori method was created under the pedagogical proposal of María Montessori. It is centered on the scientific observation of boys and girls: their different phases of development throughout life, their potentialities, their centers of interest and their abilities.

The Montessori philosophy aims to provide the foundation in childhood so that children can develop to their full potential. That is why, where an adult can see a simple block of wood, a child can see an object with a thousand facets, which will transport him to live
multiple adventures.

A unique piece that becomes the instrument for developing motor skills, leaving room for the imagination.

The Decathlon Sports Education team has surrounded itself with Decathlon SportsLab engineers and psychomotor therapists to design this board. The result is a product that meets the specific needs of children to help them grow well and win.

In addition to contributing to the psychomotor development of children and stimulating their imagination, the design team wanted to create a durable product. The choice of wood is the answer to this and, moreover, its design makes this table an accessory that can be integrated into any part of the house.

The board is available in two sizes to fit all children, regardless of height and age. Size S, 1.8 kilos, which supports a weight of 110 kilos, and size M, 3.2, with a maximum weight of 130 kilos.