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Educating the workforce will be the path to industrialized construction success



It is expected that by 2035 most buildings will be constructed by industrialized construction. This should be a point of optimism for the industry; IC allows manufacturing and construction to merge, which utilizes the ability of mass-production manufacturing and the construction industry’s design skills to construct unique prefabricated and modular buildings.

This is not only an operational change, but also a major financial opportunity for these two industries. The prefabricated construction market is expected to reach $ 153.7 billion by 2026, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc., in part due to recent advancements in the manufacturing, design and assembly potential of the industry. construction, which weighed on labor productivity through automation. , reduced costs and lean construction, while improving the quality of a building.

So what does this massive growth in industrialized construction mean to the world, and can the professional construction industry workforce adapt to this increased demand and changing workflows?

Juan Carlos Cabrero, Director of the Industrialized Construction Specialist Course at COAAT Madrid, presented his perspectives on the challenges of the industry in terms of professional and industrial workforce, as well as the resources available for those who wish to develop professional skills for industrialized construction.

Cabrero wants to see modular and prefabricated projects better built, faster, sustainable, affordable, safe and projects built at lower cost. These things are indeed possible in industrialized construction, he said. Listen to his thoughts above for more.



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