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The citizen may request the return of the guarantees/deposits deposited as a guarantee of the repositioning of the public infrastructures that could be affected by the execution of works, as well as those deposited as collateral. to the management of waste from construction/demolition.

Documentation to contribute

With general character, for all requests:

Personal Physician Applicant

When the request is made in the name of another physical person, the representation must be accredited by means of a document proving it together with a copy of the ID of both.

Applicant Legal Person

When an applicant is a Legal Person, the representation must be accredited by means of the corresponding authorization, providing a copy of the constitution of the legal entity along with the CIF. In addition, you must provide a copy of the representative’s ID.

Copy of Letter of Payment

money payment

A copy of the letter of payment justifying the presentation of the Guarantee / Guarantee must be submitted to the City Council, which will be in the possession of the interested party.

Request for Refund


For the case that is acting on behalf, the same must be accredited by means of the presentation of the opportune documentation (DNI, CIF, deed of constitution of juridical person, agreement of community of proprietors, etc….)

Applicant Community of Owners

When the return is requested on behalf of a community of owners, the representative must be accredited by means of a copy of the Minutes in which the representative’s appointment is included together with a copy of the DNI.

Return of Guarantees / Infrastructure Bonds

Are those provided to ensure the repositioning of public infrastructures that could be affected by the execution of works.

These can include those deposited in the urbanization projects and those corresponding to the planning file, which will have a procedure and documentation to present specific.

Final Certificate of Works

This must be endorsed and issued by the technical director of the works.

Return of Guarantees / Bail Waste Management

They are lent to guarantee the management of the construction waste generated by the execution of works and demolitions.


When there is no Certificate issued by an authorized manager, there are supporting documents (Tickets) that have been made in accordance with regulations. They must indicate the direction of the work, in addition to the date, type and amount of waste discharged.

Certificate of Waste Deposit

Certificate of Waste Deposit

Certificate issued by an authorized manager where the treatment of the waste coming from the works and / or demolitions is accredited, or an accredited document of having carried out the management of the same in accordance with the provisions of Law 22/2011, of July 28, Waste and Contaminated Soils and Royal Decree 105/2008, February 1, which regulates the production and management of waste and construction and demolition.

Contact means

Municipal Urban Planning Office
City Hall of Fuengirola, 4th Floor. Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tel: 952-58-93-05

Processing time1 MonthsPrice and method of payment

Payment Methods


Original of Aval in the Department of Treasury / Intervention
Once the return of the Guarantee has been decreed and the corresponding administrative limits have been completed in the Intervention and Treasury Departments; The original of the loan provided is delivered to the Department of Treasury.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer


– Law 30/1992 of November 26 on the Legal System of the Public Administrations and the Common Administrative Procedures.

Title IV

– Law 7/2002, December 17 of the Urban Planning of Andalusia
– Municipal ordinances
– General Urban Development Plan of Fuengirola, approval 22/02/2011. Municipal area.

Who processes the application?City Council of FuengirolaRequirements

License Concession of First Occupation

For the return of the guarantees presented in building works, these must have a First Occupancy license.

Completion of Adaptation works

In the case of return of guarantees of works of adaptations of premises or other analogs, they should be finalized and have a Final Works Certificate.

Resolution organismCity Council of FuengirolaSuspected effectsDismissalResources

Type of resource:

Repository resource.


Means of challenge of the Resolutions that put an end to the administrative route.

Deadline for submission: within a month counted from the day following the notification of the act appealed.

Organ that knows the resource: the same as the act appealed.

Term of resolution: one month.

Silence: Negative.

The administrative act by which the appeal is resolved will be appealable before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.

Regulations: Law 58/2003, General Tax Law.

Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004, which approves the Revised Text of the Law Regulating the Local Treasuries.


The terms for requesting the return of the loaned guarantees are included in the Municipal Ordinance of Corrective Measures and Uses in Building Works in its article

In the adaptations of premises will be requested within a period of one month from the date that the final certificate of works is collected.

To withdraw the certification in the municipal office of Urbanism.

When can the return of the Guarantees / Bonds provided be requested?


Each procedure that includes the provision of a Guarantee / Guarantee has a term to initiate the return limit.

The aforementioned terms depend on the type of works, installations or planning files in question. These come regulated in the PGOU of Fuengirola, concret�ndose in the Municipal Ordinance of Corrective Measures and Uses in Building Works.

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