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Elite season 7 is confirmed with the return of Omar Ayuso


Surprise Warning!

Spanish drama “Elite” is back with another season. The show has kept us in the spotlight from the start, which is amazing. Well, the character development over the seasons is exciting to watch.

Elite is set in Las Encinas, a fictional elite high school, and focuses on the relationships of three working-class teenagers who attend the academy on a scholarship and their wealthy and powerful classmates.

The series has a large ensemble cast. The streaming platform has already revealed updates to viewers ahead of the release of Elite Season 6. It’s comforting to know that another season is on the way. Let’s explore more about the upcoming season.

Season 7 of ‘Elite’ is already confirmed

The official Elite social media account has announced that a seventh season has already been released. confirmed. Additionally, it was revealed that Omar Ayusoone of Elite OG’s most beloved cast members who appeared in Seasons 1-5, will be reprising his role as Omar in Season 7. Check out the official announcement below.

The quick official synopsis reads: “Season 7 will also feature a new generation of students eager to put their stamp on Madrid.”

Elite Season 7 will begin production soon

Officials say, “School is back for a seventh season in Las Encinas, and production will begin in the coming weeks.” If production begins this week, it’s safe to assume we’ll get another season by 2023.

Omar Ayuso also wrote: “I return very well accompanied. We start filming Elite. We cannot speculate on the exact storyline as Season 6 has yet to be released. We’ll know what direction the season is taking once we see the conclusion of Season 6.

However, since there are some newcomers in Season 7, we’ll probably have to say goodbye to some of the cast members who appeared in Season Six.

Elite Season 7 Newcomers List

Well, along with that, another update appeared. Elite Season 7 newcomers have already been announced. Here is the list of them.

  • Mirela Balic
  • Gleb Abrosimov

He wrote: “See you in class.”

  • Nadia Al Saidi
  • Fernando Lindez
  • Omar Ayuso
  • Ivan Mendes
  • Maribel Verdu
  • Alejandro Albarracin

One of the newcomers wrote, “Although I don’t know why they won’t let me play one of the students.”

At the time, Erik Barmack, vice president of Netflix original series, said Elite would be “a very different kind of teen thriller that will cross borders and affect audiences around the world.”

And it’s actually true. Show renewals before a season is released make it clear that the series is too good.

“Making a teen show is very exciting because it’s a time in life where everything is transcendent. We’re excited to be working on a show about the desire and need to fit in in a society where everything seems perfect, but where anything can go wrong,” Ramos said at the same time.

What are your predictions for the next season of Elite? We’re talking about season 6 right now. You are welcome to provide feedback on the renewal in the comments section below. And stay tuned with us for more updates.