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Elon University golfer reflects on winning amateur tournament


Elon University golfer and native of Madrid Juan Callejo Ropero felt nervous as he played on the last day of last weekend Madrid Men’s Amateur Championship. Winless since 2019, Callejo Ropero birdied the final hole, securing a two-stroke victory in his home tournament.

Callejo Ropero, who has suffered wrist injuries in the last three years that kept him out of the game, said the tournament will serve as a confidence booster going forward.

“It made me believe in myself because the last few years have been a bit difficult,” Callejo Ropero said. “Now I’m just confident in my game and I don’t care about technical stuff or other stuff that can take you away from focusing on the game. Winning just gives me more confidence to come to America and play a lot. better.

Callejo Ropero played two tournaments before the Madrid Amateur, finishing third and sixth. Although he passed out on the final day of both events, Callejo Ropero said the performances left him feeling hopeful ahead of the Madrid tournament, which is being played on a course he has practiced on several occasions.

“I knew this course and I was playing well, I just had to focus on every shot,” Callejo Ropero said. “I proved to myself that I could win any tournament.”

For Callejo Ropero, his golf game has improved thanks to recent improvements in his mental approach. He credits the changes in his attitude to the books he read on sports and golf psychology that helped him focus on the mistakes he makes on the course.

“These last few weeks, after doing all this mental work, I’ve been able to accept these bad things that are going to happen on the golf course and continue to try and focus on every shot and my routine that is yielding good results because I have the talent,” Callejo Ropero said.

The Madrid fan was Callejo Ropero’s final tournament in Spain this summer as he will return to Elon in August to begin preparing for his second season on the men’s golf team. He said he was delighted to join the team and continue to grow as a player.

“I just expect to improve from last season because we were all very young players and we are gaining a lot of experience very quickly.” said Callejo Ropero. “So we’re going to grow a lot as a team and we’re going to be able to get results and fight for every tournament.”