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Essex Police have been blasted for telling a cyclist to watch the language after shocking a near miss; Motorists block cycle lanes in Boscombe – 2 months after Mail asked ‘is there room left for cars? » ; Your the GOAT; Longo Borghini wrong bend memes + more on live blog


You may remember in May we reported on the collapse that took place in sections of the national press after Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council shockingly – shockingly, I tell you – painted bicycle symbols in the middle of the lanes in Boscombe, part of resurfacing work in the suburb of Bournemouth.

The council said at the time that the new road markings on the A35 Christchurch Road and between Browning Avenue and the Christchurch Road roundabout had been added to encourage cyclists to take a “prominent” position on the road, to “make them more visible to other motorists.”

While bicycle symbols in shared-use lanes have been used in the UK since 1975, the installation of a decades-old road marking in Bournemouth has given rise to both the MailOnline and the Daily Telegraph, between two foaming episodes no doubt, writing articles claiming that the symbols encourage cyclists to “ignore” the city’s dedicated bike lane.

> Collapsed cycle lanes: New road markings prompt Mail to ask: ‘is there room left for cars?’

“Cyclists are being encouraged by council officials to ignore a dedicated cycle lane and use a busy main road instead in an attempt to force traffic through the town center to slow down,” the Mail said.

‘While cyclists have access to the 7ft wide cycle lane along the A35 in Bournemouth, Dorset, large cycling symbols have also been painted on the main road.’

The Mail went on to describe the signs as the “latest move by the authorities to get cars off the road” and included in their headline the question: “Is there still room for cars?” »

Those pesky lycra-clad cyclists, always ignoring those nice little bits of paint we kindly give them…

So how are the Boscombe cycle paths doing, two months after the press so lovingly touted their virtues?

Well, one Bournemouth resident took note of the cycle lanes in question on Christchurch Road on his way to work every morning… and, you guessed it, they’re full of parked cars:

Dean Hawthorne told the Bournemouth Daily Echo that he will record constant parking in cycle lanes – which he describes as a “waiting accident” – until “something is done”.

“They are obviously not guarded at all because I drive this road regularly and there are always people parked on it. To be fair, the whole area around Boscombe does not appear to be under surveillance,” he said.

“The fact that cars are parked on the cycle lane pushes cyclists into the main flow of traffic, which poses a hazard as cyclists are potentially vulnerable to vehicles. There are also a number of schools in the area, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

“There was an air quality report recently and Christchurch Road is particularly poor.

“If you want people to start cycling, you have to provide good cycling infrastructure and what they have offered is not. It’s just a few lines on a road and if it’s unguarded, if one person parks there, you get 20 people park there.

“There is a parking problem in the neighborhood because every summer we have the same problem, it’s not a surprise, it will just get worse if nothing is done about it.”

Dean continued, “I believe you need separate bike lanes, even if it’s the bollards. All over the world there are places much busier than Bournemouth that have successfully incorporated cycle lanes so it needs to be reviewed properly by people who know what they are doing.

“Anyway, the cycle paths there are interrupted, they are not continuous, so it seems a bit like a symbolic gesture.

“A white line on the ground is not really suitable, it needs more and it needs to be watched, I have never seen anyone with a ticket there.

“I will keep filming it for as long as it lasts because it’s just not good enough.”

> Large painted bike symbols in the middle of Bournemouth lanes to encourage cyclists to ride in prime position – and motorists are not happy

Boscombe East and Pokesdown councilor Andy Jones agreed with Dean, telling the Echo: ‘Last time, however, I walked and drove along this particular part of the road, there is often cars parked in there and it’s clearly marked with “no waiting, no stopping” restrictions so vehicles aren’t there for a while.

“Having civilian law enforcement officers patrolling is obviously an important aspect, but they can’t be there all the time.

“One of the things I’ve asked our transportation wallet holder Mike Greene to look at is the ability to use the camera app, so he’s going to go out and look at that, talk to the officers concerned and get back to me.

“I believe there is legislation to allow this application, but he will review it and give his opinion.

“I think we need to come up with a smarter way to solve this, we can use the camera app and have tickets mailed that way and clearly that’s going to be a much more efficient way of doing it. handle than what we got just now.

“Residents have contacted me about this so clearly what is happening right now is unsatisfactory and at the end of the day this is a cycle route and people should be able to cross it without encountering parked cars.”