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Getting a loan or credit online has become a necessity for many people seeking financing for specific projects.

Above all, as a result of the greater complications that, due to the economic crisis crossed by Spain since 2008, have been verified in traditional banks. The rescue made with public money implied the imposition of certain conditions to these banks, among which it appeared to be more cautious at the time of granting loans. In summary, they should guarantee the return by tightening the requirement of certain requirements.

This situation is what has caused many customers of conventional banks to look for other financing alternatives to cover their specific needs. Alternatives such as quick loans , of which, we will tell you more details below.

A quick loan is not always granted

The subject that occupies us in this text is the one of the loans that are not granted. As we have already said, there are reasons that motivated an increase in their denials. And, as it had also advanced; When there are urgent needs for money, those who are denied their loans are not going to renounce, at first, their chances of obtaining financing.

The most plausible possibility is that related to microcredit and similar financial products, such as fast loans. However, these should not be identified with blank checks. These are loans with softer conditions, but their concession still requires a series of guarantees.

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On the one hand, the most severe conditions are not going to be demanded, such as guarantees or a payroll (in times of crisis, many people have lost their jobs and can not provide the financial security that a salary provides). On the other hand, in order to ensure the return of borrowed money, some guarantees are requested. The finding of a regular income would perhaps be the most relevant. Keep in mind that many workers, because of their status as self-employed, can not provide a payroll. However, they can demonstrate an income comparable or even higher than that of salaries. It is simply a matter of regular income sources of a different nature.

So, in the case of not being able to justify the requirements that are requested, these types of loans can also be denied. The reasons that can lead to alternative credit entities to discourage the granting of loans are diverse. Here are some of them:

– Not enough income is verified.

– The income that is certified is not perceived on a regular basis.

– The applicant is registered in delinquent censuses, such as those of RAI or ASNEF.

– Existence of active debts contracted with third parties.

All these reasons may lead to the denial of the application, with the consequent disagreement of the interested party. Faced with this situation, there are two positions: resigning or finding a solution. In the second case, the reversal of the problem happens, logically, to solve the cause that justified the return and ask for the loan again.

How to return to an online credit

Faced with the denials that we have outlined, there are different ways of solving the problems that have caused them. The most complicated thing, without a doubt, is to modify, in the short term, the issue of income (in the case that these are insufficient or irregular). There is the possibility of renegotiating with the boss or changing jobs, but these are complex procedures that do not usually provide notable results in the short term.

Regarding the appearance in the files of ASNEF or RAI, we have to say that it also constitutes a reversible situation. These are lists of defaulters shared by entities that are responsible, in a broad sense, for credit operations. However, we can be part of these lists, as you know in consumer associations, by mistake, a forgetfulness or an irrelevant amount. If this occurs, it is possible to exercise the right of rectification. For example, paying the amount owed; or, in the case of an error, urging the responsible party to correct it.

Finally, it is also possible, in the case of the different active debts, to consolidate them.

The timely analysis of quick loans

It is clear that nobody wants to have to face the denial of a loan, so, in this aspect, there are different scenarios to face. One of them is to look for an alternative loan provider. In this situation, it is important to contrast the conditions demanded and offered by the different credit entities . There are numerous comparators on the Internet that allow you to make these decisions with sufficient elements of judgment.

However, it is also possible that a person is interested, despite having been denied the request, under the conditions of a particular credit. Therefore, in this case, the future approval of the request in question goes through to solve the deficiencies that had caused the denial .

In any case, in order not to have to go through the unpleasant moment of seeing how a credit application is not accepted, it is worthwhile, in addition to performing the data comparisons previously suggested, to evaluate the following information:

– Compliance with all the stipulated requirements.

– Reconsideration of the interest rates that are going to be applied.

– Favorable information about fees related to advance payments, extensions …

– Evaluations of the conditions of the contract.

This last condition refers to analyzing carefully the so-called “small print” of the contract, given that it will be key to be able to exercise the return of the loan under the agreed conditions. Aspects such as options for postponement of payment, penalties for delays in returns and reimbursements in advance should not be left to improvisation.

In short, the rejection of a loan request is not an insurmountable obstacle. Simply, it is about fixing the problem that has led to the denial. Also, Atrapacredito website has been revealed as a place with interesting information on this subject and should be visited.



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