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First virtual training for the Foundation’s school in Jinzhai (China)


After a season with several interruptions due to the pandemic, the socio-sports school of the Real Madrid Foundation in Jinzhai (Anhui province, China) in collaboration with the Foundation for Youth Welfare has resumed its face-to-face activity. To this end, the Club Foundation has made virtual training sessions available to coaches from the socio-sports school.

The school is located in Jinzhai Primary and Secondary School and serves as a pioneering project for the inclusion of football in the educational curriculum. More than 300 pupils of the center participate as beneficiaries of the school within the framework of the physical education program. In addition, 60 grade 2, 3 and 7 students also participate in the program as an extracurricular activity. The school promotes the overall development of students and the acquisition of attitudes and behaviors linked to values ​​such as respect and teamwork. The trainer-educators actively engaged in the virtual sessions.

Values ​​and initiation to sport
The online course will help them in their educational activities in football using values ​​and, more specifically, in achieving the objective of assimilating the principles of the global methodology in the initiation to sport. This time, the Training Department put forward the principles of coaching to ensure that play and student decision-making are at the heart of the teaching-learning process. Likewise, during the training, the assimilation of the previous sessions by the coaches and their ability to successfully transfer the methodology, principles and values ​​of the Real Madrid Foundation to beneficiaries is also assessed.

The training program also helps share strategies for hands-on training sessions, teaching skills and new ways to coach football in the aftermath of the pandemic inactivity.


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