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Foundation Participants in China Celebrate the Year of the Water Tiger


NEW STORIES. 02/01/2022

The institution runs several projects in the Asian country that cater to more than 500 minors.

the Real Madrid Foundation launched its first project in China in 2011 and has since sensitized more than 4,000 boys and girls to the positive values ​​promoted by sport according to the methodology of the Foundation “Por una educación Real: Valores y deporte” (For a real education: values and sports). The institution runs various projects in the country that support more than 500 children in social sports schools and clinics, which take place across the country in collaboration with Shanghai Veritas Culture & Development Co, the exclusive partner of the clinics organized in the country.

In social sports schools, run in collaboration with the China Youth Development Foundation in the cities of Jinzhai and Tong Liao, minors at risk of exclusion due to their socio-economic situation learn the positive values ​​of team sports by playing football . This season saw the Real Madrid Foundation and the China Youth Development Foundation are deploying a program conducted in a public primary school in Tong Liao, a city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is part of the extracurricular activities carried out by the Xincheng School with the support of Mengniu.

​The project is carried out in a predominantly agricultural and livestock region, with limited industrial development and where the majority of the population is of Mongolian origin. The children who attend Jinzhai School are from socio-economically disadvantaged homes and many of them come from mountainous rural areas and therefore during the school year they are placed in a boarding school.

Additionally, through last season’s agreement with Shanghai Veritas Culture & Development Co. It is hoped that children from all over China will be able to participate in nationwide clinics each year in an effort to provide Real Madrid FoundationThe methodology of values ​​education through sport and the clinical experience of high performance to a greater number of minors.