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Unfortunately, not everyone is so good in life that he can count on such kindness from loved ones. If you also cannot count on such support, you definitely think that there is no such thing as loans for PLN 0. In the meantime, we have good news for you.

First loan for free, for PLN 0

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Free loans are granted for a period of 30 days or longer, and their maximum value does not exceed several thousand zlotys. Among other things, for this reason, they are a great way to quickly patch the household budget, in which a hole in the form of unexpected expenditure appeared. How to borrow money and not pay more than the loan amount? The answers that come to our mind then are borrowing from family and friends.You may be surprised by this, but such loans exist and are much more easily available than you might expect. Non-bank loans for 0 zlotys are commonly called payday loans. Any Pole can use them, provided they are of legal age. Also you. Below is the ranking of free payday loans and loans.

Verification transfer – sometimes needed

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Let’s talk about a very important issue here, which is the security of free loans. Is this way of borrowing money really safe? Are we in danger of passing on our data to private loan companies? Or maybe we are at risk that someone will get free loans on us and we will have to pay them back? Certainly not one person has heard in the media or read in the press about similar matters. Indeed, similar cases have been known in the past and have involved both private loan companies and loans from banks. Currently, however, numerous safeguards have been introduced to prevent this type of situation. In order for the first 30-day free loan for new customers to be granted, they must complete a so-called verification transfer.

What is he To eliminate the phenomenon of impersonation of someone else’s identity, a simple data verification procedure has been used for some time. It involves making a symbolic transfer from your bank account. When establishing such a bank account, you had to identify yourself with a personal document. It can therefore be assumed that if the data in the application matches the data that will be visible on the incoming transfer in the sender field, we are dealing with the same person and in fact they are applying for a free loan. Of course, here it is necessary to warn all people not to disclose their login data to the transaction system at the bank to anyone. Do not disclose any other data that may be considered confidential to anyone. Including the PESEL number as well as the ID card series and number.

You should also exercise caution and control over how you log in to your bank’s website. Always do this only on pages that have the correct address and are secured by certificates, as evidenced by the padlock symbol next to the page address. Other steps to keep us safe when applying for a free loan are not passing on your passwords to anyone. We should also remember that the verification transfer must be made from such an account, which we can be sure that the data in it are consistent with those provided in the application. If they differ, for example, by street, because you once changed your place of residence, but you forgot to correct it in your bank, you should do it before sending a verification transfer. Otherwise, it will be rejected and the application will not even be considered due to non-compliance with security requirements.

Free loan as an opportunity for testing

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Are you still not convinced to payday loans? On one hand, you would like to use them, but you still remember negative reviews from years ago? If so, a free loan is a great opportunity to verify your opinions. And without any consequences, in as many companies as you can find in the promotion a free first loan for new customers. By following the basic rules, i.e. timely repayment of money borrowed, you can be sure that your loan will definitely be free and you will not pay more than what you borrowed.

Finding a free loan is not that difficult

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Loan companies advertise themselves that they have such a promotion in their offer. It is also not difficult to get such a loan. A free loan is available to any customer who only wants to complete a simple application on the website. The customer will find out by e-mail that he has received an sms or e-mail about the fact that the free loan has been granted. From that moment, all you have to do is count down the minutes until the coins appear on your account and you can manage them in the way you’ve always dreamed of. Are you ready for this If so, we can do nothing but invite you to review the free loan offer, choose the best one for you and apply for the one you want.

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