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FSIE Madrid shows disappointment at not maintaining last school year’s ratios – PR News Blog


Taking into account the measures announced by the Community of Madrid for the academic year 2021/22, the FSIE Madrid, the Independent Union of Education and Disability Management of the region, deeply regrets that the ratios of the past year are not maintained, this measure being the one that larger and better effects have generated at the school and health level. The union shows its disappointment and insists on the need to lower the ratios in the Madrid classrooms to achieve safe and quality education.

Recall that the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced last June a drop in the ratio in all educational centers in the region from the 2022/23 school year. This measure was applauded by FSIE Madrid, however, “its form of progressive application will leave excessive ratios for many years, a fact that we have repeatedly denounced”, they explain from the union.

FSIE Madrid positively values ​​presence in classrooms
The Community of Madrid proposed last week, at the Education Sector Conference attended by representatives of the Autonomous Communities and the Spanish Government, a school year 2021/22 “with maximum attendance at all levels, a greater school strengthening plan and the maintenance of sanitary measures in the face of COVID-19 “, facts that the FSIE Madrid values ​​positively, as long as they warn” that this presence is applied by following all the sanitary regulations necessary to guarantee the safety of all ”.

Incorporation of “insufficient” reinforcement teachers
On the other hand, FSIE Madrid asserts that, “even assuming a totally insufficient measure, the incorporation of reinforcement teachers must be implemented proportionally in the two networks supported by public funds, our organization will therefore ensure that that is the case. Concerted pedagogy cannot be excluded from any measure involving an improvement of the system. “

With all this, in this return to the classrooms and recalling the exceptional development of the past year, FSIE Madrid “offers all its support and involvement so that this school year runs as normally as possible”, conclude- they.


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