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How to Complete SBC Player of the Month in FIFA 23 (October 2022)


An extraordinary athlete has been named Player of the Month in FIFA 23, and players can complete an SBC around them for October 2022.

Each month, developer EA Sports announces a Player of the Month in FIFA 23 which players across the community voted on, ultimately spinning this athlete around for the next Squad Building Challenge. Those who complete these challenges gain access to FIFA 23the best players in the general ranking thanks to the ultimate packs, as well as a boosted card for the named athlete PotM. Building a team of superstar football professionals remains an ever-evolving task in FIFA 23 as players use these boosts in PotM to tweak their teams with possible new additions depending on who is in the spotlight.


Six nominees typically comprise the crop of athletes considered for Player of the Month in FIFA 23. Not to be confused with the more frequent Team of the Week Enhanced Player Cards, PotM Cards connected to the rewarded athlete increase their overall rating, among other specific stats. For example, showing whether an athlete can be one of the fastest players in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, or Incredibly Well-Rounded Forward, ratings identify each player’s strengths, which are universally enhanced if chosen as PotM.

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Squad building challenges are directly tied to the athlete chosen to represent the PotM in various leagues. Look into calculated team building strategies Fifa games have pointed out in the past, Ultimate Team teams with higher ratings are more likely to meet SBC requirements for each month. Since October 2022, the most rewarding SBC has come from the La Liga organization, centered around PotM Federico Valverde. Already an excellent defender in FIFA 23Valverde’s PotM card sees a +2 increase in its overall rating, along with several increases in other scores.

Complete FIFA 23 SBC for October 2022 Player of the Month

Players must submit three teams to complete the SBC associated with Federico Valverde for October 2022. The overriding requirements for two of these teams place them in conjunction with the Real Madrid club and La Liga in particular. However, the final team does not need to be tied directly to either, instead focusing on player ratings. Here are the parameters behind the necessary teams that players must submit:

Organization Terms
real Madrid
  • At least one Real Madrid player
  • An athlete with at least an overall score of 86
  • A team rating of at least 84
the league
  • At least one La Liga player
  • An athlete with at least an overall score of 87
  • A team rating of at least 85
  • Two athletes with at least a minimum overall score of 88
  • A team rating of at least 87

Completing each objective in this SBC grants players the unique Federico Valverde card, as well as multiple Gold packs for each organization. For example, Real Madrid awards a Small Gold Players x1 pack, La Liga awards a Jumbo Gold x1 pack, and the final team wins a Jumbo Premium Gold x1 pack. Players who use all October 2022 SBC Player of the Month rewards are guaranteed to have better team potential and possibly have a better chance of winning matches in FIFA 23The Ultimate Team.

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    The next in the annual installments of EA’s FIFA franchise, FIFA 23 returns as the latest entry in the franchise under the association’s name. The 2023 entry will bring back Ultimate FUT features and will feature cross-play for many modes except Co-op modes. Additionally, Fifa 23 uses a new system engine called “HyperMotion2”, which analyzes data from real football matches to create a wide range of in-game player animations to create a more realistic experience. In addition to these features, FIFA 23 will include both World Cup modes for men and women. This entry also includes women’s club football, starting with two real teams and adding more as the game’s seasons progress. Sam Kerr will also be the first female athlete to appear on a FIFA cover. After FIFA 23, EA Sports will continue its football matches under the new name “EA Sports FC”.