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If you are a vaccinated Illinois resident, you could earn up to $ 1 million


Drawing inspiration from Ohio’s Vax-a-Million program, which is awarding five million dollar prizes to vaccinated residents of Ohio, Governor JB Pritzker has announced a vaccination lottery program similar that will reward vaccinated residents of Illinois with cash prizes and scholarships. The All In For The Win program will award $ 10 million in prizes, including three jackpots of $ 1 million, forty prizes of $ 100,000 and twenty prizes of $ 150,000. And there is no need to participate: if you have received at least one dose of vaccine before July 1, you will automatically be entered into all the draws.

The prices are divided into two categories, depending on the age of the vaccinated participant. Illinois residents aged 18 and over will be eligible to win the three $ 1 million cash prizes and the forty $ 100,000 prizes, while Illinois residents aged 12 to 17 will be eligible to win all three of the $ 1 million cash prizes and the forty $ 100,000 prizes. eligible to win one of twenty $ 150,000 scholarships. The first million dollar prize draw will take place on July 8, followed by a series of $ 100,000 prize draws in July and August. On August 26, the last two million dollar winners will be revealed. The scholarships will be awarded on July 8 and August 26 – you can find a more detailed schedule here.

All people who have received at least one dose of a vaccine in Illinois will be entered into this draw, except for people who have received their vaccine at federal facilities like the US Bureau of Prisons and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. If you received your vaccine at mass vaccination sites operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency such as the United Center, you are eligible (no need to worry). You also don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to earn – according to a statement, “Eligibility is not dependent on immigration status.”

In order to maintain the confidentiality of personal information and immunization status, the Illinois Department of Public Health will assign a number to each eligible person for each draw and report the total number of Illinois eligible for the Illinois Lottery. The Illinois Lottery will use a random number generator to select the winners and report the numbers to the IDPH to match an individual winner. IDPH will contact the cash prize winners by phone and email. Parents or guardians of scholarship recipients will be contacted instead of the winning minor.

The winners of any vaccination lottery prizes may choose to remain anonymous, although the county or hometown of each winner is published. Taxes will automatically be deducted from all winnings, which will likely be paid out as a lump sum. The prize money comes from federal grants Illinois received to fight COVID-19 and will not come from funds the Illinois Lottery contributes to the Common School Fund or other state programs .

“You have already done your part, and this is a way of saying ‘thank you’,” Governor Pritzker said at a press conference announcing the vaccine lottery. “It is also our way of saying to those who have not yet been vaccinated: please join us.”


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