IIT Bombay extends accommodation and scholarships to Afghan students amid political crisis in neighboring country | India News


Bombay: Considering the current Taliban crisis in Afghanistan, IIT Bombay has taken a big initiative. IIT Bombay announced that 11 Afghan students studying at their institute will not only be accommodated on the hostel’s campus, but these 11 students will also receive scholarships for their studies.

In a special conversation with Zee News, IIT Bombay Director Subhasish Choudhary said that apart from that, given the current situation, these children have also been given the opportunity that if they are not in able to continue their studies this year, they will be considered. to defer their admission.

Subhashish Chaudhary says that in the midst of the civil war situation in Afghanistan, we do not want to play with the future of these students. These children should go to higher education, and when the situation in Afghanistan improves, they should help build their nation.

All this responsibility has been entrusted to the ICCR (The Indian Council for Cultural Relations). A total of 11 children are from Afghanistan, 9 of whom have gone to Afghanistan due to COVID-19 and are taking online classes.

“2 students still live at IIT Bombay. Considering a special case, I offered to educate Afghan students by keeping them at IIT Bombay, but now that the Kabul airport itself has been closed, how can the 9 remaining students leave the country under these circumstances and come to IIT Bombay, no one has the answer to that question, ”Chaudhary said.

The ICCR office in Mumbai is in constant contact with the Indian Embassy in Kabul regarding the visa and return of these students to Mumbai.


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