Know the support that a rental bond offers the landlord

A rental bond is an instrument of guarantee whose support allows the landlord or owner of the property to be assured that the tenant will cover the payment of the monthly rent .

The surety will respond in case the tenant or tenant does not comply with said payment, giving the owner of the property, the legal and legal certainty necessary to put it in rent.

It is common that factors such as economic uncertainty or the fact of not knowing the tenant, represent a risk for property owners. For this reason, it is very important to process a lease bond that provides support and protection.

Both natural and legal persons can request the processing of a rental bond, the cost of which will depend on the monthly amount of rent and its validity will be one year.

What is needed to complete the process of this type of bond?

What is needed to complete the process of this type of bond?


The main thing for a rental bond can be processed, is that there is a lease in which the document is requested. The tenant must present a solvency file (payroll receipts or fees) in which his income level is reflected.

As an essential requirement, the lessee must have a property free of liens, which will serve as a guarantee in case of failure to pay the rent. In case you do not have it, you can leave the amount equivalent to 3 months of rent as a guarantee deposit.

Once the tenant has the guarantees, he will have to gather the necessary documentation for the bond process, the issuance of the bond will take about 3 business days.

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