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LaLiga Grassroots unveiled in MENA region

  • La Liga ambassadors Fernando Sanz, former Real Madrid player, and Luis Garcia, former Atletico Madrid player, in Dubai for the unveiling event
  • Open trials for regional talent will take place on December 11, 2021 at LaLiga Academy, ISD, Dubai Sports City allowing players to earn a place in the program from summer 2022 in Madrid, Spain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: – In line with its commitment to talent development and football excellence, LaLiga unveiled its LaLiga Grassroots program in the Middle East and North Africa, giving talent from across the region the next step of their football development journey.

The news was announced during a media event at the home of LaLiga Academy UAE in Dubai at ISD, Dubai Sports City in the presence of LaLiga Ambassador Luis Garcia, former Atletico Madrid player, and Fernando Sanz, former player. of Real Madrid and Director of International Institutional Relations and the LaLiga Ambassadors and Legends Project, as well as Juan Florit, Head of LaLiga Grassroots Sports Projects, Javier Hernandez, Head of International Development LaLiga Grassroots, Jose Maria Zarco, Technical Director, LaLiga Academy UAE, LaLiga team of UAE executives and coaches and members of the media.

A new global initiative to support, promote and strengthen grassroots football globally, LaLiga Grassroots takes LaLiga’s development methodology to a new level, providing young footballers with a world-class education and development program throughout of the year at LaLiga’s brand new ESC Madrid center, a state-of-the-art integrated sports complex in the heart of the Spanish capital.

The complex has an on-site 450-seat residence with 24-hour security, an international school equipped with an auditorium, a library, a laboratory, a clinic, as well as several meeting rooms. games, rest and study. Likewise, the center is home to two state-of-the-art soccer fields and various training areas, an NBA field, a gym and a swimming pool. All in all, this makes the center the ideal place to realize the synergy between sports training and academic education that LaLiga Grassroots seeks to achieve.

As part of their visit to Dubai, the LaLiga ambassadors also attended the closing night of the first quarter of the LaLiga Academy UAE to the delight of the nearly 1,000 players registered at the academy.

LaLiga Grassroots is the latest in a series of international sports development platforms that LaLiga has launched since 2015 in several markets, starting with the establishment of the world’s first LaLiga Academy in Dubai. The program creates unique opportunities for aspiring young footballers to obtain a higher education while also selecting developmental paths for graduate scholarships at universities in the United States or elsewhere.

“We are delighted to unveil LaLiga Grassroots in the MENA region, a further step in our continued commitment to nurture young talent in the region. With LaLiga Grassroots we have created the next step in the development path, giving players the opportunity to pursue their goals, both in their academic career and in football, ”said Juan Florit, LaLiga Sports Projects Manager. LaLiga Grassroots.

He added: “Our commitment to education is the cornerstone of LaLiga Grassroots and we apply academic and athletic excellence in the service of player development.”

Former Real Madrid player and LaLiga Ambassador Fernando Sanz, director of international institutional relations and the LaLiga Ambassadors and Legends project, who is in Dubai for the launch of LaLiga Grassroots, said: “We have seen the difference that a LaLiga’s development program can do, using the know-how and methodology. LaLiga Academy UAE, which we launched in 2015, is now recognized as the UAE’s gold standard for youth development and LaLiga Academy HPC has produced a constant pool of talent for US professional clubs and universities through scholarships.

LaLiga Academy UAE has elevated the development of youth football to unprecedented professional levels with over 20 tries generated for players from LaLiga clubs, over 20 player contracts with UAE national clubs, 5 players getting tries with their national teams, 4 players getting international contracts and 4 players winning scholarships to universities in the United States.

Commenting on this, Sanz added: “With LaLiga Grassroots we are further expanding and increasing these opportunities.”

“The work we have done over the years in training players and coaches at international level has taken things to the next level, not only for those who have worked with La Liga, but also for the league itself. and its clubs, “said Javier Hernandez, Head of International Development LaLiga Grassroots. “We are convinced that now, with the creation of LaLiga Grassroots and the new programs that we will organize at the ESC Center in Madrid, we will be able to create better opportunities for everyone. “

Two flagship programs: LaLiga Talents and LaLiga Academy

LaLiga Grassroots offers a structured training methodology for grassroots football, which is tailored to each stage of a player’s developmental development through two core programs: LaLiga Talents and LaLiga Academy.

Open to male and female players aged 12-18, these programs provide athletes with a comprehensive education and training experience that meets La Liga standards, while supporting their personal development on and off the pitch.

Liga Academyfocuses on improving and optimizing the capabilities of players who want to experience a unique sports and educational program hosted by LaLiga while LaLiga Talents is focused on players who are already working in a high performance training environment, such as the LaLiga high performance centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the aim of helping them develop and make the most of their talent to reach the highest level possible.

In addition, with the aim of improving both the preparation and development of individuals and groups, there will be short and long term LaLiga camps and high performance training camps for teams, players. mixed groups and international players.

The media event precedes the visit of La Liga ambassadors Fernando Sanz and Luis Garcia to the Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub at Dubai Expo 2020, where they will host a masterclass with young football players.

Registration for the LaLiga Grassroots programs, as well as additional information, is now available at https://laligagrassroots.com/. In UAE you can also call or Whatsapp LaLiga Academy UAE on +971 55 509 9489 for help and more information.


About LaLiga Grassroots

LaLiga Grassroots was conceived in 2021 and its main aim is to support, promote and revive grassroots football around the world. This initiative is based on four pillars: the global development of young players, international training programs for coaches and other professionals in the sector, support for LaLiga clubs in terms of young players and the organization of international tournaments. LaLiga Grassroots represents a new stage in the development of sports projects, an area in which since 2015 LaLiga has found positions for nearly 750 Spanish coaches, managing to train more than 20,000 coaches and 175,000 players in more than 400 projects made in 38 countries.

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