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Luis Masaveu knocks hard on the door of the pro


“I leave with a bad taste in my mouth, but with the objective achieved. It was very difficult for me today, I rowed and fought, but I made a lot of mistakes. However, I achieved the goal of learning and enjoying.

The public turned to me and made me very happy. The main lesson I get is that I have to let my game flow. Sometimes I wanted to hit perfect shots and make more birdies. I saw that the pros play in their own way, they all know what they are doing and they execute their plan perfectly,” Madrid‘s Luis Masaveu (19) said after his toughest day at the Acciona Open in España, finishing 34th with -7.

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The Madrid native was the big revelation alongside the 22-year-old Catalan, also an amateur, Quim Vidal (39th with -6) who finished his university studies in Nevada and sees his transition to professionalism very closely.

Both made the cut on their DP World Tour tournament debuts. The two, along with José Luis Ballester, David Puig, Javier Barcos and Alejandro Aguilera, gave Spain in England their fifth gold medal in a European Team Championship in July.

At Club de Campo, Masaveu delivered the best card (66 touches, -5) in the first round by an amateur at the Spanish Open since Sergio García at El Prat in 1998. “I hit him very long and very straight, 285 meters in flight”, explains Luis, who had his friend Alejandro Aguilera as a caddy in Madrid, the city where he was born and lives, supervised by his work team at RCG La Moraleja, as well as by the Madrid Federations and Spanish, after choosing not to train in the United States.

Your reference? “Every kid who plays golf dreams of doing what Rahm did, winning a major tournament and being number one in the world.” MasaveU made his talent palpable… even if he now insisted on his priorities: “Tomorrow, he has class at the university at eight o’clock in the morning. I’ve already missed enough classes this week.”