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Lycoming College students take advantage of global opportunities | News, Sports, Jobs


At Lycoming College, students have a number of opportunities to expand the boundaries of their education with world travel. For summer 2022 and the upcoming fall semester, a total of 14 students have been awarded study abroad scholarships, three of whom have won nationally competitive scholarships, including Becky Wisdom ’24, Molly Jenkins ’23 and Dominick Philip ’24. All were made possible through the Office of Global Education at the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences.

“Many Lycoming students aspire to complete their education by studying in a foreign country where they can access research materials, subject matter experts, and cultures that may not be accessible in the United States. “, said Allison Holladay, associate director of global education at Lycoming College. “It is common to think that studying abroad is too expensive, but Lycoming is able to help students discover affordable options and, in many cases, obtain scholarships to travel and study abroad. foreign.”

A wide range of opportunities are available to Lycoming students through the Office of Global Education, such as faculty-led travel courses, field schools, interdisciplinary programs, immersion programs language and semester and summer study abroad programs. Scholarships available for students include merit, need, support for underrepresented students, etc.

In response to how global travel can be a transformative experience for students, Holladay said: “Study abroad experiences not only broaden a student’s education, but can also foster personal growth. Learning and growing through immersion in another country leads to an understanding of other cultures, which leads to greater global awareness and cultural sensitivities.

Wisdom received a study abroad scholarship from Phi Kappa Phi, which awards merit-based scholarships to students with a GPA of 3.75 or higher. She was also awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, for a combined total of $4,500, to study in the Republic of Cyprus this summer, where she will continue her studies in archeology with a focus on the classical Mediterranean.

Jenkins also received a $1,000 grant from Phi Kappa Phi. The financial support will help Jenkins with her Spanish and political science studies in Cuenca, Ecuador. She will study at Estudio Sampere, the oldest institute dedicated to the Spanish language, in the fall of 2022.

Philip received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the largest international academic support organization, to study in Munich this summer. He will continue his studies in German.

The following Lycoming College students have also received scholarships that will help support global education:

• Jeovannee Castillo – Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla in Puebla, Mexico (Fall 2022)

• Aubrey Chambers – Afterlife of Artifacts Program at Lycoming College in Nicosia, Cyprus (Summer 2022)

• Elisa DiNicola – Institute of International Studies in Florence, Italy (Summer 2022)

• Zachary Donoway – Estudio Sampere in Spain (summer 2022)

• Karla Garcia – Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, ​​Spain (autumn 2022)

• Shenia Herring – Center for Applied Linguistics in Besançon, France (summer 2022)

• Allison Kelly – Center for Applied Linguistics in Besançon, France (summer 2022)

• Mariah Rovenolt – Estudio Sampere in Madrid, Spain (summer 2022)

• Kiera Vinson – Center for Applied Linguistics in Besançon, France (summer 2022)

• Alicia Purcell – Estudio Sampere in Madrid, Spain (autumn 2022)

• Brandon Sherer – Bangor University in Bangor, Wales (Fall 2022)

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