Microloans for unemployed women

Self-employment is an excellent alternative for unemployed women . Being unemployed, far from being a problem, can be the opportunity to grow and fulfill dreams. And for that, women have quick credits that will help them start their own business adventure.

Micro-credits for unemployed women have been one of the most demanded financial products since the 70s, especially in developing countries. They have allowed women to develop the economy of their own communities. They arrived in Spain a few years later. Nowadays, personal online loans allow certain groups to access credit, regardless of their employment or social situation. The requirements are minimal and no guarantees are requested.

Unemployed women have certain aids available to develop selfemployment projects. The microcredits can complete their capital, in fact, they allow them to start.

How to access online loans for unemployed women?

Applying for an online loan is very simple. Interested women only have to enter the Bank portal and choose the financial product that most interests them. They will be able to observe that they have different offers at their disposal, alternatives that vary according to the capital and the terms of their return.

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All you have to do is choose the option that best suits the needs of the new company and fill in the fields that appear on the screen. All you need is an electronic device with Internet access . In the portal appear the most interesting offers to access a credit. Bank is like a loan search engine in which the client can choose between a microcredit of 300 euros to another of 5,000, or even 15,000 euros.

Once the request is made and the data provided, the entity will study the viability of the concession through its scoring systems. In just a few hours you can have the money.

So far, the profile of applications for this type of financial products was more masculine. However, little by little, more and more women are opting for this system to start their own economic activity that allows them to self-employ themselves.

Quick credits and women

The origin of microcredits for women is to be found in Bangladesh, in 1974, when Muhammad Yunus created a system of granting loans to more disadvantaged people to which the banks did not grant them money. In 1976 he founded the Grameen Bank. Since then he has granted more than 3,000 million dollars in loans. More than two million borrowers have benefited. To minimize the risk, solidarity groups are created that commit themselves to the return of the money.

Little by little, this model has evolved, but maintains its spirit of fostering local economic development initiatives . What began as a philanthropic initiative has consolidated itself into a sustainable alternative for economic growth and the promotion of collective women’s entrepreneurship .

The current financing of women’s business projects

According to the study developed by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, only 36 percent of the new companies that are created are developed by women. The most common profile is that of entrepreneurs between 25 and 34 years old, with university studies that usually require an initial investment estimated between 1,500 and 1,800 euros. A capital that can be assumed with the request of one of the fast credits offered by the Bank .

It is common for unemployed women to be thrown into the pool of self-employment. Most of the time they live in an urban environment and 77 percent create a business related to the service sector.

The money obtained from online loans can be complementary to the financing they get through programs to help women and young entrepreneurs. Moreover, you can also apply for financing plans tailored to the needs of each profile. The Women’s Institute and other organizations hold calls to promote self-employment and the creation of companies in the field of women.

Public alternatives can be combined with quick credits of a private nature that can be requested through portals such as Bank . Moreover, sometimes, the development of the business project can begin to develop from an initial financing, the obtaining of a money that allows to plant the seed of what will be the new company. Thus, at the time that you opt for another type of help, the woman will have traveled a certain path that will help her to optimize her business plan.

On other occasions, the subsidies that are obtained only cover a part of the initial capital needs and not one hundred percent. The credit is the alternative that is presented to be able to complete the initial contributions according to the business plan created in the beginning and finance other expenses of creation or startup of the new company.

Among the advantages of microcredits that are requested through the Internet is the ease of accessing credit , regardless of the economic and social situation that is traversed. People who are unemployed have more difficulties to finance a business through more traditional ways, so the options of the Network are very attractive.

What started as a development initiative in developing countries has become an alternative to promote a sustainable economy. Now, thanks to the quick credits that are requested on the Internet, opportunities multiply.

Unemployed women have before them a way to return to the labor market, regardless of their age and economic situation. Moreover, they can fulfill that dream they have been pursuing for years because they have access to the money that will allow them to achieve it. More and more women are deciding to start thanks to the online loans they get through Bank . All the information to make the request is on the website.


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