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More than 25,000 university students from Madrid gather in the city ‘botellón’


More than 25,000 university students from Madrid gather in the city for a “botellón”. image: Twitter

More than 25,000 university students from Madrid gathered in the city last night for a “botellón”.

About 25,000 young people filled the university city of Madrid on Friday, September 17, at night, to celebrate the start of the academic year with a * botellón. Police said without a prepared plan of operation, dissolving the mob would have been “an almost impossible task”.

Instead, the agents limited themselves to checking that there were no incidents and monitored the entrances and exits of the metro. Images of the evening quickly flooded social media, attracting a few thousand more who were alerted to the event.

The metro platforms were also full of young people – none of them respected the safety distances.

The lampposts that were in the center of the square, in front of the Faculty of Philology, in addition to the lighting, also served as cucañas (grease poles) so that when someone managed to climb them, everyone applauded the feat.

Although there were no major incidents, the police never entered the premises. Indeed, only an ambulance entered to treat an alcoholic coma in front of the law school, but the crowd was such that it took 10 minutes for the vehicle to advance a little more than 20 meters to reach the student.

The revelers started arriving at the facilities around eleven p.m., the last of them leaving campus at seven in the morning. The police assures that their presence dissuaded many of them from leaving, but that “the lack of means of transport at the time meant that things were going very slowly”.

* Botellón is a Spanish activity when people gather in public spaces to socialize while drinking alcohol. The activity is popular among teens and young adults partly because of the rising prices for drinks in bars or clubs, and partly because more people can meet in one place.

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