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! Murcia Today – Reservation of beach space prohibited in San Javier and other new rules for La Manga beaches


Publication date: 08/02/2022

Beach parties, loud music and fires will all be punished with fines in the municipality of Murcia

San Javier City Council has issued a series of new rules to ensure bathers show consideration when using any of its many beaches, including La Manga and La Ribera. The biggest change, published in the Official Journal of the Region of Murcia (BORM) on Monday February 7, is that bathers will no longer be allowed to reserve a space on the sand with towels, deckchairs or umbrellas, without being there. themselves.

The aim of the measure is to prevent people from taking up a lot of space on busy beaches while they leave for other activities.

If beach cleaning crews come across these items unattended, they are authorized to remove them to clear the space and hand them over to the local police station. Also, people are no longer allowed to mark off patches of beach for their own use with sand walls or makeshift fences of any kind.

The new regulations are an extension of the rules established in 2014, and the text reminds holidaymakers and locals that the beach is for everyone, and therefore racket and ball games that get in the way of others are strictly prohibited. Rowdy beach parties and excessively loud music can be subject to a fine of up to 3,000 euros, and all fires, except San Juan celebrations approved by the city council, are prohibited.
Due to the deterioration of the Mar Menor, penalties will be imposed on anyone caught using soap or shampoo in the sea or beach showers, and lunch boxes or utensils kitchenware cannot be washed in footbaths.

According to the regulations, “camping of any kind or duration” is prohibited without “the express authorization of the competent authority”.

Finally, dogs are not allowed on any of San Javier’s beaches, with the exception of guide dogs.

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