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MURDER IN MADRID: NJ-Born Tycoon poisoned, stolen from hotel room, authorities say



A New Jersey-born yacht company mogul has been robbed and killed by men he invited them to his luxury hotel room in Madrid, authorities have said.

Investigators initially believed that José Rosado, 43, died of natural causes after combining drugs and alcohol.

The charges on his credit card took them in a different direction, however.

Madrid authorities on Monday arrested two men accused of killing Rosado with a lethal dose of ecstasy in a robbery at the luxury Westin Palace Hotel on October 29, and then shopping with his AmEx card.

One of the defendants, from Morocco, had 17 previous arrests on his file. The other, a Romanian, had nine, authorities said. Both are charged with murder, robbery and fraud, they said.

Born in Newark, Rosado grew up in Puerto Rico. After graduating from college there, he moved to Argentina for postgraduate studies at the University of Buenos Aires. He has also lived in Vigo, Spain, London and most recently Miami with his 13-year-old partner Nicholas Young.

Rosado operated Spain’s largest private shipbuilding and yacht building company, Hijos de J. Barreras, before retiring last year. He had “started a new business at the time of his death after a distinguished career as an executive in the navy, energy and banking,” according to his obituary.

The obituary touted Rosado’s “joie de vivre” and “passion to explore the world”, while recalling him as “daring, confident and courageous, with a sharp wit and an uncanny ability to develop the deepest relationships. .

“He was kind and affectionate, and although he had no children, he was especially loved as ‘Tio Jose’ by the many children in his life,” the obituary reads.

A hotel security video would show Rosado and a couple of men returning to the Westin on that fateful October night. His body was found in his room the next day after Young, unable to reach him, contacted staff at the hotel built by Spanish King Alfonso XIII in 1912.

Rosado was likely killed in an attempt at “chemical submission” after inviting his killers to his bedroom for sex, authorities in Madrid have said. The Moroccan accused in this case had been involved in “similar events”, the authorities said.

DNA recovered from the scene led to the arrests this week, they said.

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