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Nelsa Marmol, a scholarship to create her own higher education center abroad


Nelsa Maricel Marmol Paulino is a Dominican who immigrated to Madrid, Spain in 2007 simply to major in business. But almost 15 years later he is still in the Spanish capital now Get rid of their acquaintances in society who received her, and in a special way, to those who came with the same dreams in which she was born.

A government scholarship holder, she traveled to the town known as ‘Villa y Corte’ to earn an MBA or MBA as it is known for its English acronym.

the dream becomes reality

Since Nelsa Maricel obtained her undergraduate degree, she has had an interest in having a study abroad experience.

“I always wanted to go abroad to study and live the experience; I even searched in some Latin American countries, even in the UK, to prepare myself and gain knowledge abroad,” he admitted, his eyes sparkling as he recalled the dreams of his youth. .

The language was one of the reasons why he chose Spain, in addition to the fact that at that time It seemed to him the appropriate state to acquire knowledge Advanced Business Administration.

“Changing at the beginning is always difficult, especially adapting to let go of what you already know, Facing a world of uncertainty“, he remembers having arrived in Spain when he was only 25 years old.

Her sister, who is a dentist, has already been there for several months to do her specialty and has received it, which somewhat eases the burden of this new life away from home.

passion for work

Work and commerce have always been his passion, which he inherited from his parents, two entrepreneurial Cibaeños who dedicated themselves to sales and created several family businesses in Santo Domingo.

Nelsa has a degree in Business Administration, which means an added value to her previous experience working in her parent’s company.

“From an early age, I worked with my father. On weekends, I would go to work in the family business, and that was my salary and my responsibilities since I was 15,” he says.

Then, in his college years, He organizes tourist trips and hotels with his companions, Meaning “another stage of entrepreneurship” in his life, which was after what he laughed at about his childhood business.

“If she was going for a walk or on a beach or a river, she would take stones and then paint them at home with her sisters, we would show them in front of the house and the girls would be happy and buy them,” she said. declared. noted.

adventurous mother

Several job opportunities have led her to stay in the so-called Villa del oso y del madroño, where in recent years she has worked in marketing and human resources, but she has also followed in the footsteps of her parents and Play as a family.

Nelsa says that shortly after graduating with a master’s degree, she got married and raised a family of five, consisting of her and her husband, another workaholic, and three young children aged 7, 5 and 3 years old.

He describes the dynamics of vows as a married couple as challenging, especially during the pandemic years. However, he says that even though They “work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” And the routine has gone crazy, they just love what they do.

Both were looking for ways to generate income for the family that combined their passions. The urge to train was sparked by the publication of a book written by her husband, and after years of preparation, she and her partner co-founded a business-focused institute of higher learning in 2017.

“How did we manage with all our knowledge, with all our studies and so on, to be able to influence society in a positive way and leave a legacy?” He says they asked the question and the answer was higher education for managers, people dedicated to decision-making in business.

Knowledge at the service of your country

This is how he was born Conscious Management Institute (CMI Business School)ranked as the first business school in Spain specializing in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, where 28% of the student body is Dominican.

Nilsa considers it Reinvest in the Dominican Republic what the country once invested in and prepare it. Part of these students arrived through scholarships, both from the Dominican State and from the institution itself, which highlights that they are awarded for all kinds of profiles, in case anyone has doubts when applying.

“There are students with an excellent academic level and others with low resources who, even those who live in remote places, have access to these opportunities,” notes Nelsa.

In addition to the entity scholarship program, it encourages Dominican youth to participate in The connection you are currently making The government through its scholarship portal, of which the institute is a part.

“Don’t stop, follow your dreams”

Mármol also encourages them not to stop, to pursue their dreams and to be prepared, to take the time to study the language and ” They are shaped according to the type of opportunities that life offers them..

“The most I can encourage young people is to encourage themselves to train, not to stop studying Take advantage of those years when you have more opportunities And more time to invest in your training, because in the long term and throughout your life, the fruits will appear,” she says, who is also a teacher at the institute she founded with her husband.

This project has been very rewarding for both of them, especially when you see how a student’s life changes as they land their dream job or learn the skills and tools offered. in the center’s training programs.

my dear homeland

Although she does not return to settle in the Caribbean island where she was born, she returns for seasons to do business or conventions, take vacations and visit her dear parents with her family, because for her It is important that your children know their culture I guess they are part of it.

For Nelsa, the pride of being Dominican is such that she feels like an ambassador of her country wherever she goes. “It is and always will be my beloved and dream home,” he says.