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Northwest Business Files: Ash Integrated Services; Xploro; pro-manchester; ten locks; Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls



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Electricity, heating and plumbing service provider Ash Integrated Services has created eight jobs after being appointed by Lancashire County Council to provide scheduled and emergency heating and plumbing maintenance for hundreds of premises in the region.

The Atherton-based company will provide 24-hour mechanical heating system coverage on approximately 390 council-operated buildings in the northern half of the county, including schools, libraries and colleges for the next three years, with an extension option for two others. Ash was also awarded a contract to perform scheduled and emergency electrical maintenance on buildings across the county for two years, also with an option to extend for two more.

The newly created jobs include a number of help desk positions located at the company’s head office, as well as service engineer positions, which will be based in North Lancashire itself. Company Director Sean Jackson, who is himself part of the engineering team, said: “This new long-term contract will allow us to ensure that systems across the consulting industry are working. with optimal efficiency, with local engineers ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day.

“As a company that also specializes in renewable and low-carbon technologies, we also know that when you consider the entire lifespan of a product, properly maintaining equipment can help extend its lifespan. useful life and reduce overall emissions. “

In addition to traditional heating and electrical equipment, Ash Integrated Services installs and maintains photovoltaic solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations and other low carbon technologies.

Sean added: “As well as being a real benefit to North Lancashire, this contract is a potentially transformative step in the growth of Ash Integrated Services. By securing a significant volume of work in the longer term, we will also be able to develop our activity in renewable energies, which we aim to achieve up to half of total turnover in the years to come. “


Physicians and clients of the Pediatric Oncology Day Care Unit

Manchester-based Xploro, a platform that uses augmented reality, gameplay and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients, has secured a £ 100,000 loan from the Greater Manchester Export Fund, backed by the Recovery Loan Scheme and issued by the specialized lender GC Business Finance.

Founded as a solution to the lack of quality information available to prepare children for hospitalization, Xploro uses age-appropriate language and interaction paradigms to reduce treatment stress and anxiety and improve outcomes. clinical results. It has already used the funding to recruit four employees to support its expansion into international markets.

With significant experience in games and advertising, Rawad Abi Akar joined Xploro as Senior 3D Artist to create new environments for the platform, including content for African audiences and content that can explain intravenous injections. Madrid-based Kelvin Tavarez has been appointed Senior Director of Growth, where he will lead the acquisition of new businesses in the Spanish and US markets. Bryony Price joins as Head of Customer Success, where she will focus on helping her clients get the most out of the platform. In July 2021, Xploro appointed Joe Kemp as the head of software engineering to oversee the transfer of the platform’s outsourced operations with Pop Corporation, a Manchester-based digital agency, internally at Xploro.

In October 2021, Xploro announced that it was working with World Child Cancer to provide free access to its award-winning app to children in Ghana. Dom Raban, CEO and Co-Founder of Xploro, said: “We are delighted to welcome Rawad, Kelvin, Bryony and Joe to Xploro. They have already played a key role in supporting our international growth strategy, and we look forward to them taking us to the next level as we expand into new markets. The support we have received from GC Business Finance and the Greater Manchester Export Fund is second to none, and we are extremely grateful to Andy and his team for helping us grow globally.

Andy Nichols, Senior Director of Loans at GC Business Finance, said: “Helping Xploro on its international growth journey has been a pleasure. The technology is already having a positive impact on young patients in the UK, US, Africa and beyond, and has the potential to expand into more markets. We look forward to supporting Xploro and building further success stories with businesses in Greater Manchester that have rich export potential but may not necessarily be able to access export finance from traditional lenders in the near future.


Anthony Morrow

No one should be left behind as the city rebuilds itself, pro-Manchester President Anthony Morrow said at the organization’s annual dinner last week. In his address, he drew a stark contrast between the sparkling debates of the evening and some of the frightening statistics that are a reality in the city, for example that one in three children lives in poverty and that although we may have shiny new buildings and commercial efficiencies at our disposal, not everyone has access to such luxuries.

Anthony then urged all businesses to play their part in filling these gaps and making sure everyone is involved in the story of the city’s future growth. He said: “We must include those who remain in our remarkable progress. “

Morrow, co-founder of OpenMoney, has encouraged Manchester companies to go beyond traditional thinking, adapt and keep pace with the change that lies ahead. He urged companies to rethink the way we work and engage young people in the labor market, saying: “Our ability to attract and retain talent from universities that now come from across the country is extremely important, but it Equally important is ensuring that those in the city itself also have the ability to access these fantastic services and opportunities, and this is unfortunately not always the case at this time.

“Our city is teeming with talented young people, providing apprenticeships, paid internships and other learning opportunities beyond college is crucial and it is up to us as a business community to provide.”

He closed his speech by calling on all companies to think about ‘how you recruit’, urging companies to always consider where they are recruiting from and if there is an opportunity to reach out to local areas and communities.


Ten Locks, based in Salford, has announced the addition of Bourgoin cognac to its portfolio – a modern small-run cognac aimed at contemporary drinkers looking for a new take on this prestigious French spirit. The premium spirits distributor welcomes three expressions that show the depth of the Bourgoin range – VSOP 2015, XO Double Lies 2010 and XO Microbarrique 1998.

Bourgoin Cognac is successfully revitalizing the category of cognacs, often seen as old-fashioned, complicated and “stuffy”. The family business, created over 100 years ago, is now managed by Frédéric Bourgoin and supported by Rebecca Asseline whose mission is to market a new credible and tasty cognac to appeal to a modern public, using the most natural means. possible.

Rebecca – previously global ambassador for the Courvoisier brand – is responsible for happiness and opportunities in the company, located in Tarsac in Charente. With her in-depth knowledge of the cognac industry and strong UK relationships, she will work with Ten Locks to support the brand’s growth in the UK and boost the appeal of cognac to new drinkers.

Becky Davies, Sales Manager at Ten Locks, said: “Bourgoin Cognac is a highly regarded brand, and Frédéric and Rebecca represent a new generation of spirits paving the way for innovation across the cognac category. Dark spirits are growing in the UK, especially among younger drinkers who may have entered the category through dark rums and whiskeys and are now exploring cognac. “

Frédéric Bourgoin, Master Distiller and Owner of Bourgoin Cognac, said: “Our cognacs are sincere and authentic, true to their heritage with a contemporary look and feel, and Ten Locks was the perfect distribution partner for us in the UK. We are proud to be featured alongside the brands Ten Locks works with – all striving to make positive change and bringing innovation to the spirits category. We know the UK beverage market is diverse, sophisticated and open to new products, and we are confident that Ten Locks will guide us through the category and ensure that we are brandy on everyone’s lips.


John winnard

Upscale British confectionery brand Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls has secured its first Australian order in over 10 years as the free trade agreement between the two countries opens up new opportunities.

The order came from Perth-based British Provender, representatives of UK manufacturers and ‘distributors of outstanding food brands across Australia’.

A first delivery including bags and boxes of Uncle Joe’s mint balls as well as winter lozenges, herb cough, dandelion and burdock, anise lozenges, honey lozenges and lemon and throat and breast lozenges are due to ship this month. The candies will initially be sold in independent specialty stores as part of British Provender’s commitment to be one of the leading importers and distributors of Britain’s favorite foods.

The company was formed in 1986 with the aim of building a portfolio of iconic UK brands and food products and is currently also working with PG Tips, Coleman’s Mustard and Branston’s Pickle. The new free trade agreement means iconic British goods will be cheaper to sell in Australia, and is currently being finalized after the two countries reached a tentative deal in June.

John Winnard and Ant Winnard, co-managing directors of Wigan-based Uncle Joe’s, said that while the trade deal had yet to be implemented, it had created a welfare factor between companies from both countries, which had already started to open doors. . They said: “This is the first major trade deal negotiated from scratch by the government since we left the EU and will effectively eliminate tariffs on all British products. That, in itself, has encouraged conversations and led companies from both countries to want to forge relationships ready for the full implementation of the deal. “