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Padma Lakshmi can speak these 5 languages



A globetrotter since her earliest childhood, Lakshmi’s penchant for languages ​​is deeply rooted in her exposure to travel. Born in Chennai, India, her mother tongue is Tamil. She learned to speak English after her parents divorced and moved to the United States with her mother (via Famous People). Although she lived in both New York and California as a child, she eventually moved to Massachusetts where she attended Clark University and earned a Bachelor of Theater Arts degree.

Frequent trips back to India to visit her grandparents have allowed Lakshmi to add Hindi to her repertoire, while she credits the time spent as an exchange student in Madrid, Spain , for allowing him to learn Spanish. It was there that she began a successful modeling career and worked with high end designers such as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace and eventually moved to Italy where she eventually learned to speak Italian (via Food52 ) and took her first break from television. “I started my career as an animator in Italy on a live broadcast,” Lakshmi told Eater. “There was no delay on the tape, and it wasn’t about food. It was just one of those big variety shows. And I was part of a bigger cast. I was in. sort of the companion of the main host. I learned a lot on this show. And I really enjoy the spontaneous conversation on the live TV. There’s nothing to beat. “