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One Week to Go: the spectacle of British boarding schools returns to the United Arab Emirates


Jesse Elzinga, Principal, Sevenoaks School


IB or A-level: what is right for your child?

Ruth Burke, Director, Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

Mark Lauder, Principal of Strathallan School

3:00 p.m.

Make the move, how to prepare

William Petty with Neil Hawkins, Global Director of Concord College International

saturday 27 november

1:00 p.m.

Boarding options worldwide: Malaysia and UK

Marlborough Malaysia & Lancing


IB or A-level: what is right for your child?

Ruth Burke, Director, Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

Mark Lauder, Principal of Strathallan School

3:00 p.m.

When is the right time to take action?

William Petty with Fiona Gordon, Admissions Tutor, Millfield Prep School

After a period of lifting the lid on the complexities of schooling, with students around the world forced to be homeschooled, the nature of independent education has come to light. At the show, parents can understand the real value the UK School can offer, especially the nature of critical thinking and the rigor of independent analysis that are so vital to future employers and success in the workplace. modern work. At the fair, parents have personal access to the administrative directors and principals of each of the participating schools and can gain invaluable and first-hand insight into school entry requirements.

David Wellesley Wesley, Founder of The British Schools Show comments: “Over the past 18 months; in a time of unprecedented societal upheaval, parents needed to become teachers and now understand exactly how their children learn. This has raised the question of what the future model of schooling looks like and how educational institutions can embrace technology, flexibility, and introduce individualized programs into the classroom. Character, well-being, group work, debate, public speaking, punctuality, honesty, self-presentation are now areas of interest and we invite parents residing in Dubai to visit the British Boarding Schools Show to browse through this new normal.

Registration, including all seminars and conferences, is free for participants.


Friday November 26, 2021: 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Sheraton Hotel, Mall of the Emirates Saturday November 27, 2021: 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Sheraton Hotel, Mall of the Emirates Hotel

This event is open to the public and tickets are free with online registration.


Exhibitors for the British Boarding Schools Show 2021 include:

Ackworth School

Aiglon College

Amadeus International School Vienna

Ashbourne College

Badminton school

St-Charles College and High School

Concord College


College of Fettes


San Petricio Toledo International School

King’s Taunton

King’s College, The British School of Madrid

Lancing College

Marlborough College

Millfield Preparatory School

Millfield School

Queen Ethelburga

Rossall School

Royal Alexandra and Albert

The Royal Masonic School for Girls

Rugby School

Saint-Anselme School

Sevenoaks School

International School of Sotogrande

St Edmunds College and preparation

Cantebury of St Edmund

Stonyhurst College


Wycliffe College

About the British Boarding Schools Show:

At the British Boarding Schools Show, we bring together our largest selection of speakers and schools, offering

parents a unique and free opportunity to get all their education questions answered under one roof. Over the past decade, we have connected thousands of families with schools that have shaped the lives of their children.

As the UK’s largest open school day, the British Boarding Schools Show annually hosts 200 of the top schools in Battersea Park for an informative and dynamic event to meet the top admissions teams; talking with heads; find out about the entry requirements at all stages; and explore scholarships and scholarships. The British Boarding Schools Show has been held in London for 13 years and has since opened in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Milan and Istanbul.

For more information please contact:
Anisha Sharma | TOH Public Relations
[email protected] | +971 4382 8900

© Press release 2021

Ancient Spanish resin harvesting practice could be the key to the energy future


Guillermo Arránz spends his days in a forest pruning pines to extract what is for him liquid gold.

Some might see it as lonely and grueling work, but for Arránz it brings great satisfaction. He is his own boss and spends his days enjoying nature.

Arranz is one of the Spanish resineros, or resin extractors, whose centuries-old practice is to bleed trees with their milky sap.

This simple practice has taken on new importance as Spain struggles to cope without any natural energy source. Energy analysts say pine resin could be the new oil.

The resin can be used to create plastics, varnishes, glues, tires, rubber, turpentine, and food additives, much like petroleum.

With around 18 million hectares of forest, Spain has the largest forested area in Europe after Sweden and Finland. Along with Portugal, it is the third largest producer of pine resin in the world after China and Brazil.

Spain has been pushing to explore alternative energy sources, especially after Algeria – Spain’s main gas supplier – halted natural gas deliveries last month by one of the two submarine gas pipelines due to the escalation of the dispute between Algeria and Morocco.

The Maghreb-Europe pipeline crosses Morocco towards Spain. Flows through a second pipeline, the Medgaz pipeline which directly links Algeria to Spain, have remained uninterrupted. Spanish officials, however, feared they were insufficient to avert an energy shortage at a time when Spain is already grappling with soaring fuel costs.

Protesters demand action to control the price of electricity in Barcelona, ​​Spain, November 6, 2021.

To find other sources of energy for the future, the Spanish government has made the promotion of renewables like solar and wind power a pillar of its policy as the world moves away from fossil fuels.

As part of this mechanism, Madrid launched a plan in March to restore the economic potential of its forests.

“We must encourage forests to be well maintained and managed because they are a source of job creation and the livelihoods of millions of people around the world depend on them,” said Teresa Ribera, Third Vice President and Minister of the Environment. .

Blanca Rodriguez-Chaves Mimbrero, a law professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid specializing in the protection of natural resources, especially mountains, waters and coasts, believes Spain is well placed to get most of its resources. pine resin which, she says, is of the highest quality in the world.

FILE - An environmental officer shows off his resin-stained gloves after picking up pine cones from Spanish fir trees (Abies pinsapo) on them to collect their seeds for reforestation in new areas of Andalusia, in the Natural Park and Biosphere of the Sierra de las Nieves reserve, in Ronda, southern Spain, on November 9, 2018.

FILE – An environmental officer shows off his resin-stained gloves after picking up pine cones from Spanish fir trees (Abies pinsapo) on them to collect their seeds for reforestation in new areas of Andalusia, in the Natural Park and Biosphere of the Sierra de las Nieves reserve, in Ronda, southern Spain, on November 9, 2018.

The oil of the future ”

“The world is looking for ways to replace the oil that will likely run out by mid-century. Resin is a means, ”she told VOA. “These living forests that consume emissions can provide renewable resources to replace petroleum products. “

She notes that the sticky and scent substance is an ingredient in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, glues, varnishes and is also used in construction.

Rodriguez-Chavez also said the pine resin industry, which currently only provides work for around 1,000 people, could help tackle the rural exodus, an issue that is central to politics. Spanish.

The work is intrinsically linked to the villages of Castilla y Leon in the north of Spain and to a lesser extent in Extremadura in the west of the country.

Over the past 50 years, the Spanish countryside has lost 28% of its population, according to the National Statistics Office. Only 15% of its inhabitants live in more than half of Spain.

Spain’s government pledged $ 11.9 billion in March for measures to improve rural business infrastructure to reverse a trend known as España Vaciada – or “Empty Spain,” which is also the name of a new political party.

The España Vaciada party could win 15 seats in the 350-seat lower parliamentary chamber in the next general election in 2023, according to a recent poll for El Spanish, an online newspaper, perhaps making its members kingmakers in a very divided parliament.

Arránz comes from a family of resineros, who passed on the know-how of extracting sap to four generations from his great-grandfather.

“Work is hard work. I work eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. But it gives me a feeling of freedom and I can be in the middle of nature, ”he told VOA.

“The beauty of pine resin is that it can be used to make a lot of different things, but it’s renewable. All these trees will grow back.

Arránz, who is vice-president of the National Association of Resin Collectors, works from February to November, collecting the milky white liquid from pine trees near his village Navas de Oro in Segovia, north of Madrid.

He collects 20,000 kilograms of resin per year but, realizing that he will never make a fortune in this profession, he supplements his income as a forest engineer.

Each kilogram sells for just $ 1.14 to local businesses who distill it into a material that can be used for commercial purposes.

Arránz removes the outer layer of tree bark, before nailing a plate to the trunk and a collection pot is hung on it.

He then makes diagonal incisions in the bark and “bleeds” the trees before the resin seeps into the pot.

“It’s nice to know that I’m sort of cultivating something that is healthy and that can also offer an alternative for the future,” said Arránz.

Some of the information in this report comes from Reuters.

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Bellwether Culture and UZO Media Productions Team Up to Launch New NFT Community Land, UNREVEALED, at Miami Art Week 2021


The first UNREVEALED will take place at the Kimpton Surfcomber, December 1-5 in South Beach

NEW YORK, November 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bellwether Culture and UZO media productions today announced the launch of UNREVEALED (NRVLD.CO), a multi-day gathering during Miami Art Week. Enhanced by a dreamy beachfront setting, unparalleled hospitality, and cutting-edge events, UNREVEALED provides the ultimate mecca for creators, brands and investors to discuss, activate and collaborate on NFT projects.

Ready for revolutionary events, UNREVEALED has partnered with Basel Art favorite hotel in South Beach, Kimpton Surfcomber, to serve as a venue for the inaugural event on 1-5 December 2021.

“With the explosion of NFT technology in 2021 and Miami Being an epicenter of crypto, Art Week is poised to be the most important event of the year for the NFT community, ”said Uzo Oudu, founder and CEO of Uzo Media Productions. “UNREVEALED will be the place where community leaders and brands come together face to face to forge the partnerships that will move the space forward.”

Located beachfront in the heart of South Beach’s Art Deco District, Surfcomber’s unbeatable laid-back vibe, paired with its chic new design, is the perfect destination for attendees to immerse themselves in all things NFT and discover building opportunities with each other.

“It’s going to be an exciting week in Miami, and we are proud to partner with Bellwether and UZO to host this unique and innovative gathering for the NFT community, ”said

Mohan Koka, General Manager of the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel. “Kimpton Surfcomber will be an ideal base to deliver this experience during Miami Art Week. “

UNREVEALED participants and sponsors will have access to:

  • Daily health and wellness programs run by Dale moss, Founder, Moss Martin Media

  • Traditional Gallery Experience Made Easy by The Art Codes & Hip Artists Miami

  • Exclusive NFT Galleries organized by Blake jamieson & Mike O’Day by MintyGarden

  • Augmented reality installations by Pollinate.co

  • Unique music sets by DJ Madrid, Lauren Mayhew, Organicks, Nas10 and UZO

  • Live podcast recordings produced by Bellwether Culture

  • Private dinners, facilitated meetings and other networking events

  • An unparalleled ambiance and environment enhanced by the renowned and personalized hospitality of Kimpton Surfcomber, an unrivaled seaside setting and recently redesigned facilities.

  • A number of UNREVEALED surprises

“Our mission is to create an environment that fosters connections and education while providing unique musical, artistic and nightlife experiences that catalyze relationships between creators and Web3 communities,” said Pavan Bahl, CEO of Bellwether Culture. “If you’re looking to activate your community during Miami Art Week, we have a space and production available for you to host private dinners, social events and more. “

UNREVEALED will feature works by world-renowned artists and local legends, with artistic experiences led by: Daniella Wicki, Matt Chessco, Xhaguar, MS Fresh, Red king, Katherine udu, Painted prophet, Liliette Ferro, Babbu the Painter, Just to name a few.

Striving to be successful and create opportunities for future generations, UNREVEALED is also proud to announce a partnership with the organizations The Children’s Trust and Playing the Game of Life, to provide our young artists with educational and innovative programming opportunities. . The Children’s Trust is a dedicated revenue stream established by voter referendum to improve the lives of all children and families in Miami-Dade County. Copyright 2021 ©

For more information on UNREVEALED, visit https://nrvld.co/.
Contact [email protected] for more information

THE SOURCE: Bellwether Culture

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Media contact:
Rob wells
[email protected]


View original content: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bellwether-culture-and-uzo-media-productions-partner-to-launch-a-new-nft-community-grounds-unrevealed-at – miami-art-week-2021-301429265.html

SOURCE Culture Bellwether

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Google concludes content agreements with German publishers | National / World


BERLIN (AP) – Google on Friday announced that it had signed agreements with several major German publishers to avoid copyright disputes over the use of their material.

The internet giant said it has made deals with publishers, including the news weeklies Der Spiegel and Die Zeit, tech portals Golem and Netzwelt, as well as business publications WirtschaftsWoche and Manager Magazin.

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This page requires Javascript.

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kAmv @@ 8 = 6 D2: 5 A2J> 6? ED E @ AF3 =: D96CD M @ F = 5 36 “32D65 @? 6DE23 =: D965 4 @ AJC: 89E AC:? 4: A = 6D 2? 5 7 @ == @ H 4 @? D: DE6? E 4C: E6C: 2[” H:[email protected] [email protected]:?8]k ^ Am

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Grupo Empresarial San Jose SA: Financial Report 3 quarter 2021




English translation of a report originally published in Spanish. In case of discrepancy, the

The Spanish version prevails.


  1. Key Achievements
  2. Main consolidated figures
  3. Analysis by activity
  4. Consolidated financial statements
  5. Backlog
  6. Legal disclaimer
  7. Contact details

English translation of a report originally published in Spanish. In case of discrepancy, the

The Spanish version prevails.



The main awards of Grupo SANJOSE during the third quarter of 2021 are as follows:

  • Sollube building in Azca – Madrid:
    Merlin Properties Socimi has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the general renovation and restructuring work of this important office building, with a built area of ​​approximately 40,000 m2, in the heart of Madrid’s business center, more precisely at 7, Plaza Carlos Trías Bertrán. The work to be carried out concerns the redevelopment and reinforcement of the foundations and the current structure, the demolition of part of the slabs, the interior fittings, the redevelopment of the fittings, etc.
  • Bandalux company building in Santiago de Compostela:
    Bandalux Industrial has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the construction work of its new company building of more than 9,000 m2 located on a large hilly terrain in the A Sionlla business park. It is a location that has been taken advantage of for the creation of unique premises, which simulate a split in two, distinguished by its exterior cladding and a central green space as a plant paradise.
  • Professional office building in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid:
    Rolinda Investments has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the execution of the structure of a new office building consisting of a total of 321 professional offices, garages, storage rooms and various community spaces, among which stands out a swimming pool.
  • Verdelago 5 * Resort in Castro Marim, Altura, Algarve (Portugal):
    Verdelago – Sociedade Inmobiliária awarded SANJ OSE Constructora Portugal the execution works of phase I of a tourist town of approximately 30,000 m2 of built area, on the seafront, consisting of 102 housing units, all the necessary infrastructure, an outdoor swimming pool, green areas and a wide range of services and equipment in various support buildings. The “new town” is located in a spectacular area of ​​the Algarve, surrounded by green areas and with direct access to the beach.
  • Holiday Inn Express Madrid Airport Hotel 3 *, in Madrid:
    Bartila Investments has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the construction work of a 3-star hotel very close to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas international airport, with more than 11,000 m2 of built area, spread over 7 floors above ground, and which will mainly have 156 rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, parking and a garden.

English translation of a report originally published in Spanish. In case of discrepancy, the

The Spanish version prevails.

  • Padre Menni Psychiatric Clinic in Pamplona:
    Clínica Psiquiátrica Padre Menni awarded SANJOS E Constructora the demolition work Quarter of the old building and the execution of a new modern, flexible and functional clinic, with approximately 10,000 m2 of built-up area, increasing the number of beds from 103 to 139, and increasing the size of the rooms and, in general, of all clinic facilities.
  • Dom Pedro Residences in Quarteira – Loulé, Algarve (Portugal):
    Oceanico III – Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário Fe chado awarded SANJOSE Constructora Portugal the execution works of a tourist development on the seafront, with more than 23,000 m2 of built area, consisting of 83 housing units of different types, parking spaces, outdoor swimming pools and common areas.
  • Residence Odelania Huelva:
    Narvi Activos Inmobiliarios (Culmia) has entrusted Cartuja with the construction of a new residential complex, with a total of 86 housing units. It is an avant-garde building with simple lines, 10 floors above ground, with 2 basements for parking spaces and storage rooms, as well as a private courtyard with gardens.
  • Residencial Célere Laos Seville:
    Vía Célere Desarrollos Inmobiliarios awarded SANJOSE Constructora the construction work of a new residential complex consisting of 100 apartments and garages, in a 7-storey building with 2 basements and over 8,000 m2 of built-up area.
  • Residencial Castelo II in Oleiros, A Coruña:
    Maywood Invest (Vía Célere) has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the construction work of a new residential area of ​​over 11,000 m2 of built area, which includes 47 housing units, 94 parking spaces, 47 storage rooms and various common areas for leisure and recreation.
  • Residencial Gloria 21 in Lisbon (Portugal):
    Grand Loft Avenida has entrusted Construtora Udra with the renovation and extension work of an existing building at 21, Rua da Gloria St. in Lisbon, which will house 20 apartments, distributed in a 5-storey building.
  • Residence Campo das Cebolas 1-12 in Lisbon (Portugal):
    Inarkus entrusted Construtora Udra with the renovation work of a historic building in Lisbon, for the creation of a new residential complex consisting of 17 housing units and 5 commercial premises. The project is fundamentally different, in addition to adapting this building to new homes, by maintaining and enhancing its constructive and architectural characteristics.
  • Residencial Plaza Gipuzkoa 2, San Sebastian:
    Fornjot Activos Inmobiliarios, SL (Culmia) awarded EBA the construction of a new residential complex consisting of 15 housing units, 2 commercial premises, 18 parking spaces and storage rooms. The project provides for the complete renovation and enhancement of the original building, according to established requirements, in particular the protection of facades protected under the PEPPUC regime (special plan for the protection of urban and built heritage), as well as the construction of two additional basements to the existing one.

English translation of a report originally published in Spanish. In case of discrepancy, the

The Spanish version prevails.

  • Faculty of Arts of the University of Granada:
    The University of Granada awarded SANJOSE Constructora the expansion works of the Faculty of Arts, consisting mainly of the construction of a module attached to the current building, with more than 2,000 m2 of built-up area, which will house the sculpture workshops, as well as the redevelopment of outdoor spaces which occupy an area of ​​approximately 4,200 m2.
  • ICL factory in Súria, Barcelona:
    ICL Iberpotash has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the expansion work of its Súria plant, with the aim of expanding its current production capacity, modernizing equipment and increasing efficiency levels. This expansion will have a direct impact on the different phases of the production process and, consequently, will affect several of the current buildings.
  • Pico de la Gorra de Enaire radio complex, on the island of Gran Canaria:
    Enaire has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the renovation works, the renovation of the equipment and the updating of the electrical installations to adapt them to the new energy needs of the Pico de la Gorra radio complex. The planned actions are located in the transmitters, the receivers and the energy centers, as well as in the antenna towers.
  • Photovoltaic installation for self-consumption in the Parque de Milagros School-Workshop, in Lugo:
    The City Council of Lugo has entrusted SANJOSE Constructora with the work for the realization of a photovoltaic installation for the production of electricity for self-consumption, in order to reduce its final energy consumption and its CO2 emissions, by improving its energy efficiency.

This is an excerpt from the original content. To continue reading it, access the original document here.


Grupo Empresarial SANJOSE SA published this content on November 18, 2021 and is solely responsible for the information it contains. Distributed by Public, unedited and unmodified, on November 18, 2021 05:52:03 PM UTC.

Public now 2021

Sales 2020 963 million
1,093 million
1,093 million
2020 net income 22.8 million
25.8 million
25.8 million
2020 net cash position 159 million
180 million
180 million
PER 2020 ratio 12.8x
2020 yield 2.23%
Capitalization 262 million
296 million
297 million
VE / Sales 2019 0.31x
VE / Sales 2020 0.14x
Number of employees 3 454
Free float 33.2%

Duration :


Grupo Empresarial San Jos

Trends in technical analysis GRUPO EMPRESARIAL SAN JOS, SA

Short term Mid Road Long term
Tendencies Bearish Bearish Bearish

Evolution of the income statement

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“We create illusions and opportunities with sport and education” – CVBJ



The at 19:53 CET


The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, winner of twenty Grand Slam tournaments, assured this Wednesday that the objectives they had set with his Foundation, whose activity began eleven years ago, have been achieved, and underlined the ‘importance of “Creating illusions and opportunities through sport and education” for children and young people.

Nadal revealed that the reason for establishing the Foundation eleven years ago was “Try to help and give back to society all the luck we have and how he treated us in life. “

“I have always tried to participate in fundraising events and collaborations of different organizations, and at home I had the example with my mother, I have always seen her help by contributing of her possibilities. We wanted to allocate our efforts to projects that motivated us and that we believed could have added value, ”he said.

“We create illusions and opportunities and sport and education opens it up. Long-term projects have a stronger impact on society and I believe that the objectives of these years have been achieved, ”he declared.

Nadal, who during his speech cited as an example the project carried out in Annantapour (India) with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation or the Day Center managed in Mallorca, recalled that thanks to this commitment to society, more than seven thousand people have benefited.

The Mallorcan tennis player assured that the Foundation “The most important thing not to take a step back because there is a great responsibility, which is to always offer the best quality of service. “Our goal is to reach more and more people, in our case young people and children, but each new center must be maintained over time with the quality it requires,” he said.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation is involved in four projects around the world, with sport and education as central axes of its development.

One of the projects of the Rafa Nadal Foundation is called ‘NETS’ (Nadal Education Tennis School), in which serve 250 minors per year in South India thanks to tennis and English language and computer education activities in which more than 1,900 people participated.

Another project is “More Than Tennis” aimed at athletes with intellectual disabilities who train and play tennis in twenty schools across Spain, with 1,778 beneficiaries.

“Play and Study” is a scholarship project promote the athletic and educational talent of young people who wish to study at universities in the United States and which has benefited 53 boys and 62 girls.

Also the Rafa Nadal Foundation centers of attention to minors and families in vulnerable situations through sports, educational and psychosocial fields. For the moment, there are two in Mallorca and Valencia, with 1,668 beneficiaries, but a new one should open in the short term in Madrid, in the district of Usera, according to the director of the Foundation, Xisca Perello.

“This anniversary, without counting the pandemic, we are celebrating ten years at a difficult time because 31% of minors in Spain are threatened with exclusion and families find it increasingly difficult to provide additional training. We want to provide a safe environment, each of the children has potential, and we want to help them achieve what they have decided to do, ”said Xisca.

“Our commitment is long term and we will work with the same enthusiasm and the same will with which we have done it for years”, commented the director of the Foundation, who revealed the recent signature with UNESCO an alliance to work on common goals.

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Northwest Business Files: Ash Integrated Services; Xploro; pro-manchester; ten locks; Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls



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Electricity, heating and plumbing service provider Ash Integrated Services has created eight jobs after being appointed by Lancashire County Council to provide scheduled and emergency heating and plumbing maintenance for hundreds of premises in the region.

The Atherton-based company will provide 24-hour mechanical heating system coverage on approximately 390 council-operated buildings in the northern half of the county, including schools, libraries and colleges for the next three years, with an extension option for two others. Ash was also awarded a contract to perform scheduled and emergency electrical maintenance on buildings across the county for two years, also with an option to extend for two more.

The newly created jobs include a number of help desk positions located at the company’s head office, as well as service engineer positions, which will be based in North Lancashire itself. Company Director Sean Jackson, who is himself part of the engineering team, said: “This new long-term contract will allow us to ensure that systems across the consulting industry are working. with optimal efficiency, with local engineers ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day.

“As a company that also specializes in renewable and low-carbon technologies, we also know that when you consider the entire lifespan of a product, properly maintaining equipment can help extend its lifespan. useful life and reduce overall emissions. “

In addition to traditional heating and electrical equipment, Ash Integrated Services installs and maintains photovoltaic solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations and other low carbon technologies.

Sean added: “As well as being a real benefit to North Lancashire, this contract is a potentially transformative step in the growth of Ash Integrated Services. By securing a significant volume of work in the longer term, we will also be able to develop our activity in renewable energies, which we aim to achieve up to half of total turnover in the years to come. “


Physicians and clients of the Pediatric Oncology Day Care Unit

Manchester-based Xploro, a platform that uses augmented reality, gameplay and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients, has secured a £ 100,000 loan from the Greater Manchester Export Fund, backed by the Recovery Loan Scheme and issued by the specialized lender GC Business Finance.

Founded as a solution to the lack of quality information available to prepare children for hospitalization, Xploro uses age-appropriate language and interaction paradigms to reduce treatment stress and anxiety and improve outcomes. clinical results. It has already used the funding to recruit four employees to support its expansion into international markets.

With significant experience in games and advertising, Rawad Abi Akar joined Xploro as Senior 3D Artist to create new environments for the platform, including content for African audiences and content that can explain intravenous injections. Madrid-based Kelvin Tavarez has been appointed Senior Director of Growth, where he will lead the acquisition of new businesses in the Spanish and US markets. Bryony Price joins as Head of Customer Success, where she will focus on helping her clients get the most out of the platform. In July 2021, Xploro appointed Joe Kemp as the head of software engineering to oversee the transfer of the platform’s outsourced operations with Pop Corporation, a Manchester-based digital agency, internally at Xploro.

In October 2021, Xploro announced that it was working with World Child Cancer to provide free access to its award-winning app to children in Ghana. Dom Raban, CEO and Co-Founder of Xploro, said: “We are delighted to welcome Rawad, Kelvin, Bryony and Joe to Xploro. They have already played a key role in supporting our international growth strategy, and we look forward to them taking us to the next level as we expand into new markets. The support we have received from GC Business Finance and the Greater Manchester Export Fund is second to none, and we are extremely grateful to Andy and his team for helping us grow globally.

Andy Nichols, Senior Director of Loans at GC Business Finance, said: “Helping Xploro on its international growth journey has been a pleasure. The technology is already having a positive impact on young patients in the UK, US, Africa and beyond, and has the potential to expand into more markets. We look forward to supporting Xploro and building further success stories with businesses in Greater Manchester that have rich export potential but may not necessarily be able to access export finance from traditional lenders in the near future.


Anthony Morrow

No one should be left behind as the city rebuilds itself, pro-Manchester President Anthony Morrow said at the organization’s annual dinner last week. In his address, he drew a stark contrast between the sparkling debates of the evening and some of the frightening statistics that are a reality in the city, for example that one in three children lives in poverty and that although we may have shiny new buildings and commercial efficiencies at our disposal, not everyone has access to such luxuries.

Anthony then urged all businesses to play their part in filling these gaps and making sure everyone is involved in the story of the city’s future growth. He said: “We must include those who remain in our remarkable progress. “

Morrow, co-founder of OpenMoney, has encouraged Manchester companies to go beyond traditional thinking, adapt and keep pace with the change that lies ahead. He urged companies to rethink the way we work and engage young people in the labor market, saying: “Our ability to attract and retain talent from universities that now come from across the country is extremely important, but it Equally important is ensuring that those in the city itself also have the ability to access these fantastic services and opportunities, and this is unfortunately not always the case at this time.

“Our city is teeming with talented young people, providing apprenticeships, paid internships and other learning opportunities beyond college is crucial and it is up to us as a business community to provide.”

He closed his speech by calling on all companies to think about ‘how you recruit’, urging companies to always consider where they are recruiting from and if there is an opportunity to reach out to local areas and communities.


Ten Locks, based in Salford, has announced the addition of Bourgoin cognac to its portfolio – a modern small-run cognac aimed at contemporary drinkers looking for a new take on this prestigious French spirit. The premium spirits distributor welcomes three expressions that show the depth of the Bourgoin range – VSOP 2015, XO Double Lies 2010 and XO Microbarrique 1998.

Bourgoin Cognac is successfully revitalizing the category of cognacs, often seen as old-fashioned, complicated and “stuffy”. The family business, created over 100 years ago, is now managed by Frédéric Bourgoin and supported by Rebecca Asseline whose mission is to market a new credible and tasty cognac to appeal to a modern public, using the most natural means. possible.

Rebecca – previously global ambassador for the Courvoisier brand – is responsible for happiness and opportunities in the company, located in Tarsac in Charente. With her in-depth knowledge of the cognac industry and strong UK relationships, she will work with Ten Locks to support the brand’s growth in the UK and boost the appeal of cognac to new drinkers.

Becky Davies, Sales Manager at Ten Locks, said: “Bourgoin Cognac is a highly regarded brand, and Frédéric and Rebecca represent a new generation of spirits paving the way for innovation across the cognac category. Dark spirits are growing in the UK, especially among younger drinkers who may have entered the category through dark rums and whiskeys and are now exploring cognac. “

Frédéric Bourgoin, Master Distiller and Owner of Bourgoin Cognac, said: “Our cognacs are sincere and authentic, true to their heritage with a contemporary look and feel, and Ten Locks was the perfect distribution partner for us in the UK. We are proud to be featured alongside the brands Ten Locks works with – all striving to make positive change and bringing innovation to the spirits category. We know the UK beverage market is diverse, sophisticated and open to new products, and we are confident that Ten Locks will guide us through the category and ensure that we are brandy on everyone’s lips.


John winnard

Upscale British confectionery brand Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls has secured its first Australian order in over 10 years as the free trade agreement between the two countries opens up new opportunities.

The order came from Perth-based British Provender, representatives of UK manufacturers and ‘distributors of outstanding food brands across Australia’.

A first delivery including bags and boxes of Uncle Joe’s mint balls as well as winter lozenges, herb cough, dandelion and burdock, anise lozenges, honey lozenges and lemon and throat and breast lozenges are due to ship this month. The candies will initially be sold in independent specialty stores as part of British Provender’s commitment to be one of the leading importers and distributors of Britain’s favorite foods.

The company was formed in 1986 with the aim of building a portfolio of iconic UK brands and food products and is currently also working with PG Tips, Coleman’s Mustard and Branston’s Pickle. The new free trade agreement means iconic British goods will be cheaper to sell in Australia, and is currently being finalized after the two countries reached a tentative deal in June.

John Winnard and Ant Winnard, co-managing directors of Wigan-based Uncle Joe’s, said that while the trade deal had yet to be implemented, it had created a welfare factor between companies from both countries, which had already started to open doors. . They said: “This is the first major trade deal negotiated from scratch by the government since we left the EU and will effectively eliminate tariffs on all British products. That, in itself, has encouraged conversations and led companies from both countries to want to forge relationships ready for the full implementation of the deal. “

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ALS also causes retinal damage, study finds


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), characterized by damage to neurons in the brain and spinal cord, also affects retinal tissue, according to a study led by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).

The research, published in Neuronal regeneration research, indicates that patients with ALS may experience changes in the microglial cells, which are responsible for protecting and defending neurons, as well as loss of ganglion cells – the neurons in the retina.

These alterations detected in this disease can serve as biomarkers for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with ALS, and to verify the effectiveness of different treatments through a simple, non-invasive and less expensive form of monitoring. “

Pilar Rojas, Researcher, Ramón Castroviejo Institute for Ocular Research (IIORC), UCM

In addition to describing changes in the retina, the work also indicates that these changes evolve over the course of the disease. The microglia changes from an M2 (anti-inflammatory) state or phenotype in the early stages to M1 (pro-inflammatory) in the later stages.

“This had been observed in the spinal cord of these patients, but not in the retina, which is a step forward as it may be less invasive in monitoring patients,” said Rosa de Hoz of the IIORC.

First detection in humans, confirmation in mice

The study was carried out at IIORC, in collaboration with the biochemistry department of UCM, the Gregorio Marañón General University Hospital in Madrid, the OFTARED ophthalmology network of the Carlos III Health Institute and the network RetiBrain from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

During the study, researchers recorded retinal alterations using optical coherence tomography (OCT) – a non-invasive test that performs analysis of the retina and optic nerve, able to observe minor changes that are often invisible to the human eye. “, says co-author Ana Isabel Ramírez.

Once detected in vivo in humans, they confirmed this in an animal model through microscopic analysis with immunohistochemical techniques in mice with a superoxide dismutase-1 mutation – one of the most common in humans with ALS.

“Our group has done extensive research on retinal changes in different neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. However, few studies have described what happens in the retina and more specifically in the microglial cells of ALS. “, concludes José Manuel Ramírez, professor of ophthalmology at UCM and the director of IIROC, by way of summary.


Complutense University of Madrid

Journal reference:

Ramirez, A., et al. (2021) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease of motor neurons with retinal involvement. Research on neuronal regeneration. doi.org/10.4103/1673-5374.324841.

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SDCCD: International Education Week 2021 Virtual Conference


November 15, 2021

Join us for the 2021 International Education Week virtual conference. Every day is
hosted by one of our colleges. City College – November 17; Mesa College – November
16; and Miramar College – November 18.

The district-wide international education committee is responsible for advancing students
global learning outcomes through improved international education opportunities
across the district, including program internationalization, study abroad,
faculty development, international and international, global and multicultural partnerships
campus events and activities. International education advances learning and scholarship;
strengthens understanding and respect between different peoples; and improves construction
leadership in the global community.

See below the virtual events planned for International Education Week:

Peace Corps briefing1:45 p.m. to 2 p.m. Serving in the Peace Corps is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, to learn
a new language and live the experience of a lifetime. Learn more about volunteer experiences,
and get tips to guide you through the application process. For more information contact: Professor Dora Schoenbrun-Fernandez District IE Committee

Voice from abroad2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Cameron Martinez, former foreign student living in Spain working abroad through
a government program.

Sub-committee rooms2:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Language exchanges (Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian), games and conversation, learning
new expressions and explore local internships with Global Connections.

Study abroad scholarship workshop3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Presentation on scholarships such as Gilman and benefits. Guided by study abroad
To advise.

Quiz, cooking contest winner and conclusion3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Study abroad “Centro de Lengua y Comunicación Social Universal”11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Professor Claudio Pani Barragán will present the objectives and achievements of Study
Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and the “Benefits of Living with Mexican Host Families”
Join on Zoom

Kahoot for the prices11:30 am to 11:50 am What does the term study abroad mean to you? Learn more about traveling abroad and participate
for the prizes for first, second and third place. Join on Zoom

Study Abroad Cost and Benefits11:50 am to 12:20 pm Former Study Abroad student, Arely Diaz will tell about her experience of studying in Madrid,
Spain and live with a host family. Join on Zoom

The importance of learning Arabic languages ​​these days
Arab culture and its importance in today’s world. Join on Zoom

Mini 15-minute language courseLearn a few key phrases.

10 a.m. – French – Register on Zoom

10:30 am – Spanish – Join on Zoom

10:45 am – Italian – Join on Zoom

Infusing Access and Inclusion in Study Abroad9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Presenter: Katie De Guzman Create teacher-led programs for community college students that are accessible and
transformative, but also inclusive and equitable. Good practices for both teachers
and administrators who value the international education experience and want to support
students. Join on Zoom

Study abroad with a focus on sustainability10:30 am to 11:30 am Presenter: Professor Pablo Martin Sustainability Study Abroad: Society, Environment, Economy; Provisionally planned for
Summer 2022, in La Ventana, Mexico. Examine plans for a proposed four-week stay
long program designed to provide students with hands-on experiences in creation and maintenance
sustainable communities, service learning projects, or both. Study abroad program
depends on final administrative approval. Join on Zoom

Studying abroad with a third party: the case of EF12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Presenter: Professor Laura González Join Laura González, travel enthusiast and anthropology professor, for a conversation
on study abroad options that include the use of third-party companies. Laura has
traveled with students with Education First (EF) in Tokyo, Italy and Peru. Come learn
on the pros and cons of using third-party study abroad companies. Join on Zoom

Philippine Studies (FS) 100 Briefing1:30 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. Presenter: Prof. Judy Patacsil Prof. Judy Patacsil to provide background on the Philippine American experience
Classes. At present, FS100 is the only approved ethnic studies course offered
at Miramar College which meets CSU Zone F graduation requirements and Miramar is
the only college in San Diego that offers a Philippine Studies Performance Certificate.
Join on Zoom

This press release was produced by the San Diego Community College District. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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7 Tips to Convince Parents to Get a Degree Abroad | World’s Best Universities


When high school student Andrea Genovese from Switzerland presented his case to his parents for a university degree abroad, he said he focused on three main points: traveling, having a new experience and getting out of his home zone. comfort.

“I explained to them that I wanted to leave my home country for my university experience. Going to university is an experience, so I want to remember it and make the most of it,” says Genovese.

Genovese is looking for schools in places like London, New York, Boston, Madrid and Milan.

“Studying abroad really opens up the world for students in a way that cannot be experienced by studying at home,” said Michael Wesley, Assistant International Vice Chancellor at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Here are seven tips to make the conversation with parents about getting a degree abroad easier:

  • Be serious.
  • Emphasize academic or professional benefits.
  • Calculate a budget to present to parents.
  • Enlist the help of counselors and teachers to advocate for your cause.
  • Talk about security.
  • Connect with similar students.
  • Include parents in the decision-making process.

Show seriousness

Introduce the idea of ​​studying abroad early and researching schools and places, experts say.

“I approached my parents in the sense that I wanted to fully explore my passion, which is political science, and be in an environment that would help me to flourish,” says Adrija Das, Singaporean-Indian and major in science policies at Clark University in Massachusetts.

Students should make a list of questions parents are likely to ask and then provide those answers, says Sally Rubenstone, senior advisor at College Karma Consulting and former admissions advisor at Smith College in Massachusetts. She says questions can range from selectivity and majors offered to logistical issues like the distance between the school and the airport.

“What will convince parents the most is that you take ownership of this process and have something to show for it – your knowledge of yourself, your knowledge of the institutions you want to attend and your openness to discuss them. with your parents, ”says Jennifer Ann Aquino, international education consultant with offices in Switzerland and Singapore and author of“ The International Family Guide to US University Admissions ”.

Focus on academic or career benefits

Students should stress that they will receive a quality education that they would not have at a college in their home country, experts say.

“There are also the rich personal and professional opportunities that come from doing internships, joining clubs and societies and undertaking field trips or meeting industry leaders in another cultural setting,” Wesley said.

Rubenstone says students should think about what their parents want from their education. “A great job in engineering? English proficiency ? Be sure to explain how this can happen at the foreign college you choose. “

For data-driven parents, Aquino says, students should get numbers to back up their case and do some additional research. “What are recent graduates doing? What are older graduates doing? You can find it quite easily on LinkedIn. “

Calculate a budget to present to parents

Affordability will be a major concern for parents, as they are likely to help pay for college education. Students may consider multiple options and countries, as tuition fees can vary widely from country to country.

“Do the price comparison,” Aquino says. “And, don’t forget to include room and board and expenses, including flights, etc., and currency conversion.”

College costs should also factor in scholarship availability, Rubenstone explains. “Facts and figures can help prove to parents that a student is seriously considering studying abroad.”

Enlist the help of counselors and teachers to advocate for your cause

Counselors and teachers can be great resources when considering attending college abroad.

“I enlisted the help of my high school counselors as well as an outside personal counselor,” Das said. “They helped me suggest universities based on academic performance and my student portfolio.”

Aquino says school counselors will likely have data from a student’s school on other students who have applied for or attended specific universities. She says teachers can be helpful too.

“Are any of your professors graduated from the universities you are considering? Do their sons / daughters attend any of these universities? Talk to your professors about their experiences. Share this with your parents,” Aquino says. .

Talk about security

Many schools have information about school safety on their websites, but students also need to reassure parents that they can be trusted to make safe decisions, experts say.

“While parents may fear sending their offspring away, FaceTime, Skype and other forms of electronic communication can reduce the distance,” says Rubenstone.

Most American campuses are very safe, she says, “although students enrolled in urban colleges who are not used to urban environments will need to learn to pay more attention to their surroundings than they are used to. ‘habit.”

Experts say parents and students can contact schools directly with questions about safety.

“Australia is safe and has an excellent standard of living for discerning parents. Melbourne has been the most livable city in the world for seven consecutive years,” said Wesley.

Connect with similar students

Schools often have student ambassadors, mentors and alumni who can be great resources.

“I contacted students from different universities and I thought that was also a very useful option because these are students who go to school and live it day by day,” says Genovese.

Joy Bullen, editor-in-chief of College Confidential, a college admissions website and online community, states that in her website forums, “students can connect anonymously with other students, parents and admissions professionals to ask questions and share sincere advice. “

The website’s international student forum covers topics such as tuition fees as an international student, life at a certain school, and chances of admission.

Include parents in the decision-making process

Involving parents can help secure their blessing for college abroad.

“The best thing you can do is include your parents in the decision-making process because they’ve been on a long journey with you and know you better than anyone,” advises Wesley.

He says parents often think of issues students may not have “that are important for moving to another country or just getting from high school to college.”

Aquino suggests informing parents about the preparation of the application process, timeline, letters of recommendation and other related information.

“The more you give to them,” she says, “the more they will give to you, recognizing that you are a young adult taking full control of your own future.”

While Genovese doesn’t think parents should make the decision for a student, he says he welcomes his parents’ comments.

“My parents are very open and want the best for me.”