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They suspend a teacher for saying there are only two sexes: female and male


Spanish teacher suspended for six months to teach that there are only two sexes, female and male. Jesús Luis Barrón López, professor of biology and geology at the public institute of Alcalá de Henares IES Complutense, located on the outskirts of Madrid, has been suspended for 6 months of work and partially of salary.

The teacher told his students, young people under the age of 15, that males are born with XY chromosomes and females with XX chromosomes And, although they can be transformed by operations, genetically, they will still continue to have XY or XX chromosomes.

The teacher filed a lawsuit in the courts of Alcalá de Henares at the hands of Abogados Cristianos, who also started a petition for signatures to urge the Minister of Education of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, at dismiss the director of IES Complutense, Ilenia Megías Chico, and the regional education inspector who “intimidated and discriminated against” for speaking “scientific truths”.

Jesús Luis Barrón López, the suspended professor from Madrid.

For the Association, the teachings of this professor respond to something “biologically obvious” such that there are two sexes, the female and the male, and what happened is because the director and the inspector “respond to the ideological steamroller of the LGTBI collective ”.

“By asking for explanations, they took a repressive attitude against the professor, making a complete abuse of his power, and intimidating him with impertinent questions of a political and ideological nature”, affirms Abogados Cristianos.

“Without a doubt, we do not want a group to be discriminated against or attacked … Now we are not going to allow Barrón to be suspended from his job and his salary for having defended scientifically proven facts”, insist- they.

LGBT communities interviewed the teacher.

The president of Abogados Cristianos, Polonia Castellanos, has confirmed that they will fight to have the suspension of the job and salary of this professor, with decades of teaching experience, declared void.

The professor, who has been practicing his profession for over 25 years, explained that when he arrived at this institute, he started to see that they were talking about gender identity, but that he didn’t think it was. was because, according to him, “They used obscene drawings, practices and videos that even bordered on porn.”

Jesús Luis Barrón López and his lawyer.

After consulting with the management, he was allowed to talk about sexuality in one of his classes. However, after dictating his chair, the school principal, Ilenia Megías Chico, sanctioned him because he received complaints from parents of pupils.

Critics say the professor went on to say that there were only two sexes, male and female. Additionally, he explained that transgender people, even if they change their genitals through surgery, will continue with their birth chromosomes.

The public institute of Alcalá de Henares IES Complutense, located on the outskirts of Madrid,

After receiving the warning and the suspension from teaching, the teacher stated that he never intended to “hurt feelings”, and that “It’s like they’re judging me for saying the Earth is round.”

The controversy reached the Ministry of Education, which studied the case of the teacher and supported him, because, according to the entity, “in the classrooms you have to learn what the program says you must learn. Therefore, we don’t want any kind of indoctrination. “

In the meantime, his file will remain open, and while he is removed from the educational community for having been considered “persona non grata” by the school principal.

Sources: Upsocl / OKdiario


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The J&J vaccine protects against the Delta variant; Increase in cases in the United States: updates


Concerns about the highly transmissible COVID-19 delta variant and its spread among the unvaccinated continue to grow as cases in the United States increase, but positive news about the ability of vaccines to fight the virus continues to pour in.

Johnson & Johnson said its single-dose injection on Thursday protected against the delta variant, citing laboratory tests on the blood of vaccinees. And amid concerns that their injection may require a booster, the company said its immune response lasts eight months and longer.

Public health experts say the variant poses the most danger in areas where vaccinations are scarce.

The variants “are capable of finding gaps in our protection,” said Dr. Hilary Babcock of Washington University in St. Louis, noting how hospital beds and intensive care units in southern counties West Missouri’s least vaccinated suddenly fill up – mostly with adults under 40 who have never received the shots.

“Any suffering or death from COVID-19 is tragic,” Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Thursday, urging more Americans to roll up their sleeves before the delta variant spreads. “With vaccines available across the country, the suffering and loss we are now seeing is almost entirely preventable.”

Also in the news:

►A bipartisan proposal in the US House would ban mink fur farming in the US in an attempt to stem possible coronavirus mutations, which researchers said can be accelerated when the virus spreads among animals.

►Coming on the vital benefits of the coronavirus vaccine, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Friday vetoed three Republican-sponsored bills striking vaccination mandates in the state.

►India reported more than 400,000 deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, half of them in the past two months, as the virulent delta variant infected hundreds of thousands every day.

►Even as Californians seek a return to normalcy, the specter of the coronavirus pandemic persists. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, new cases of COVID-19 in the state and the Bay Area have jumped more than 20% since California reopened on June 15.

►Preliminary data reviewed by the CDC suggests that almost all of the people who have died from COVID-19 in the past six months were unvaccinated, Walensky said in a White House briefing Thursday.

► Ohio Governor Mike DeWine vetoed a budget provision that would have refunded fines to state companies named for violating public health orders during the pandemic, saying it would send a “horrible” message.

►Thailand reopened its popular resort island, Phuket, to fully vaccinated foreigners from low-risk countries on Thursday, in hopes the move will breathe new life into a tourism industry devastated by the pandemic.

►Israel delayed reopening its borders to vaccinated visitors to August 1, after the country reported its highest daily infection rate in three months.

📈Numbers of the day: The United States has more than 33.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and at least 605,100 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Global totals: Over 182.8 million cases and over 3.9 million deaths. Over 155.8 million Americans have been fully immunized – 47% of the population, according to the CDC.

📘What we read: Florida schools lost migrant students at a rate nearly five times the non-migrant population during the 2020-2021 school year. Virtual learning, economic trials, and high rates of COVID-19 in farm worker communities have amplified inequalities for students already prone to learning loss.

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What you need to know about summer travel to Europe

As COVID and entry restrictions ease, travelers can still expect to see masks, closed places and social distancing requirements in Europe. The rules vary by region and are constantly evolving.

Kyle Potter, editor-in-chief of Thrifty Traveler, has seen changes since arriving in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday – his second time in the city and his first post-pandemic trip to the country.

Some of the popular markets in the area, like Platea Madrid, remain closed. Group sizes are limited both indoors and outdoors, and social distancing rules are still in place. Potter found the crowds sparse but the masks plentiful, even though Spain abandoned its outdoor mask mandate last month.

For those planning a trip to Europe this summer, here are some of the COVID restrictions in place at some of the top destinations.

– Bailey Schulz, USA TODAY

Michigan opens $ 5 million draw on COVID-19 vaccine

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the MI Shot to Win contest on Thursday, describing a lottery-style raffle officials hope to push the state’s vaccination rate above 70% for residents 16 and older.

The raffle will run until August 3, with a single draw of $ 50,000 per day for 30 days, as well as a chance to win a single draw of $ 1 million and a single draw of $ 2 million.

For those 12 to 17 years of age vaccinated, the raffle also includes nine chances to win a four-year contract for the Michigan Education Trust (MET) Charitable Tuition Program valued at $ 55,000 each.

– Kristen Jordan Shamus, Detroit Free Press

July 4 raises concerns in Missouri

Health officials working to increase delayed COVID-19 vaccination rates in Missouri are increasingly anxious as the July 4 weekend approaches, creating the right conditions for the fast-spreading delta variant pushes up the number of hospitals.

“We’re just watching what’s going to happen,” said Lisa Marshall, health director for Taney County, which includes the tourist town of Branson. “We have seen that these numbers can increase quite quickly.”

State officials have enlisted the help of the newly formed federal “emergency response teams”. The surge comes as the state’s seven-day moving average of daily new cases rose over the past two weeks, from 576.14 new cases per day on June 15 to 891.71 new cases per day on Tuesday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

St. Louis County health officials changed their guidelines Thursday, encouraging those vaccinated to wear face covers when indoors with others whose immunization status is unknown.

“This pandemic is not over,” Dr. Faisal Khan, acting director of the St. Louis County Department of Public Health, told The Associated Press. “The virus and its variants present a real and imminent danger to the health of people in the Saint-Louis region. We need to encourage vaccination and the maintenance of precautions.

WHO pushes western countries to accept travelers with Chinese vaccines

The World Health Organization said on Thursday that any COVID-19 vaccine it has cleared for emergency use should be recognized by countries when they open their borders to vaccinated travelers.

The move could challenge Western countries to broaden their acceptance of two apparently less effective Chinese vaccines made by Sinovac and Sinopharm, which the United Nations health agency has authorized, but most European and North American countries have not. .

In its reviews of the two Chinese vaccines, the WHO said both significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. Both Chinese vaccines are “inactivated” vaccines, made with a killed coronavirus, while vaccines made in the West are made with newer technologies that instead target the “cutting edge” protein that covers the surface of the coronavirus.

Although Western countries have relied heavily on vaccines made in the United States and Europe, such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca, many developing countries have used vaccines made in China.

Contribution: Associated Press

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Top 10 Data Science Coding Schools To Boost Your Career


by Shivani Muthyala

July 2, 2021

Data Science Coding Schools to help launch a career in Data Science

In recent years, the scope of data science has grown with large amounts of data being produced across the world. It also increases the opportunities for scientists and data enthusiasts who can process and analyze the data for new information. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 15% increase in the demand for skilled data scientists over the next decade due to meeting data needs. This means that taking a data science course could help you break into this in-demand field, which can significantly boost your career. Data science courses can not only help you find a job, but also keep you in the field longer. Here are the 10 best data science coding schools to help you launch a career in data science. Let’s move quickly to the article to learn more about them.

1. Propulsion academy

Learning mode: online and offline (Munish, Zurich)

Propulsion Academy offers opportunities to learn about new technologies, tools and techniques needed to master all areas of data science from scratch. This academy offers data science courses such as full-time Data Science Bootcamp, part-time Data Science Bootcamp covering topics such as back-end development, blockchain, cryptography, CSS, R, Python, learning automatic coding and processing of natural language. Students can apply this knowledge and skills in the real world with its industrial projects. The academy also offers career support in terms of jobs and careers.

2. NYC Data Science Academy

Learning mode: online and offline (NYC)

The NYC Data Science Academy offers three courses: an Online Bootcamp, a Remote Live Bootcamp, and a Professional Development Course. The Online Bootcamp is both full-time and part-time, the Remote Bootcamp is a full-time course, and Professional Development is a full-time course as well. The academy’s subjects include data science, data visualization, Git, Hadoop, Linux, coding, and Python.

3. Data Science Retreat

Learning mode: offline (Berlin)

The Data Science Retreat offers full-time, immersive data science courses. Topics include Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, Tensorflow, and many more. Upon completion of the courses, graduates will have projects that will be presented to potential employers. Career coaching services include CV support, hands-on interviews, and LinkedIn updates.

4. Cambridge Spark Ltd.

Learning mode: offline (Cambridge, London)

Cambridge Spark Ltd offers a number of applied coding courses in data science. Topics include data science, Hadoop, machine learning, Python, coding, and more. It offers 14-month blended courses in data science and AI. Aimed at current offices and professionals, the program simulates real-world projects with Cambridge Spark’s KATE (Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine) platform.

5. Charrette Academy

Learning mode: offline (Singapore)

Hackwagon Academy offers many data science courses with unique topics like CSS, Cyber ​​Security, Data Science, Data Visualization, HTML, Python, R, etc. The academy offers three crash courses: Data Science 101, Data Science 102, and Data Science 103. In Data Science 101, students learn programming concepts, in 102, students learn machine learning and python coding. In Data Science 103, they learn end-to-end analytics.

6. Galvanize

Learning mode: online and offline (Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco)

Galvanize offers full-time, part-time, and online data science prep courses. Full-time courses last 13 weeks. It also offers online programming courses. The different types of courses are Data Science Immersive, Data Science Prep, Data Science Analytics Online immersive. Topics include Big Data, CSS, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science, Coding, Python, and more.

7. Ubiqum Code Academy

Learning mode: online and offline (Barcelona, ​​Geneva, Madrid)

Ubiqum, Code Academy offers many immersive data science courses. They have campuses in Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Lisbon and Madrid. The courses contain topics such as AJAX, algorithms, AWS, Big Data, Python coding and many more. Students take full-time and part-time courses and can learn data mining in R language and Python.

8. Speed ​​up

Learning mode: offline (Hong Kong)

Xccelerate, offers many data science courses such as data science, machine learning, full-time and part-time crash python courses. Topics include AJAX, artificial intelligence, blockchain and crypto, CSS coding, Python, and many more.

9. BrainStation

Learning mode: online and offline (Boston, Chicago, London, Miami, NYC)

BrainStation offers full-time online and offline courses on campus. The courses offered by the academy are the Data Analysis Certification Course, the Data Science Diploma and Coding. Topics include A / B Testing, Agile, Algorithms, APIs, iOS Development, Python Programming, and many more. Students will also be helped in their careers after completing their courses, such as helping them add LinkedIn portfolios and resumes, etc.

10. Masters of developers

Learning mode: offline (Irvine, Lacey, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica)

Dev Masters offers many data science courses such as MSc in Applied Data Science, Data Science for Professionals, MSc in Applied Data Science with Deep Learning, Coding, and many more. Topics include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python Coding. The academy is intensive with part-time and full-time classes.

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Lost Boys: Jasha Sütterlin – The Strange Man Out


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Throughout the Tour de France, former VeloNews editor John Wilcockson profiles the unlucky riders who are forced to quit, either through injury, exhaustion or bad luck. In this column, Wilcockson talks about the Dutch rider Jasha Sütterlin.

Jasha Sütterlin is a 28 year old German cyclist (just over 6 feet tall and weighing 171 pounds) from Freiburg im Breisgau. It is a university town of a quarter of a million inhabitants at the western end of the Black Forest – where Sütterlin often goes to train.

“I’ve been on my bike since I was a kid,” he recently told a German website. “Even then my biggest goal was to become a professional cyclist. Since my father was also a cyclist and competed in the Mexico Olympics in 1968, he was and is a great role model for me. From the under 11s, my journey was very regular up to the U23 level in the Thuringian energy team. Then the first thing I did was receive an offer from Movistar, which I finally accepted, and I was able to start my professional career.

Read also : Lost Boys: Robert Gesink’s bad luck during stage 3 of the Tour de France

Sütterlin spent six years in the Movistar team – and as a result, he says he is better known in Spain than in Germany. With the Spanish team, he won a bronze medal in the team time trial at the 2015 Richmond World Championships and won a stage (with a late solo attack) at the 2017 Vuelta Comunidad de Madrid.

He also finished second behind Tony Martin in three consecutive editions of the German national time trial championship. But, most of his time with Movistar has been spent doing household chores for Alejandro Valverde and Nairo Quintana, whether it be one day classics, weeklong stage races or big tours.

“There is nothing better for me than pushing the body to its limits,” he said. “It pushes me over and over again to see high speed on the speedometer. “

Sütterlin joined the Sunweb team last year and in the COVID season he has been in the top 10 in his last three time trials (Tour de Slovakia, BinckBank Tour and la Vuelta a España). His Vuelta ended with his teammate Max Kanter to take third place, behind top sprinters Pascal Ackermann and Sam Bennett, in the mass sprint in Madrid; Sütterlin hangs on to take fifth place.

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This year, in the renowned DSM team, he earned his place in the Tour de France team with a solid performance at the Tour de Suisse. It would be his second participation in the Tour; the first was with Movistar four years ago.

Speaking of this 2017 Tour, Sütterlin said: “When you’re at the start it’s an incredible feeling. But then, of course, you also want to go to Paris. I’m a year older and started cycling earlier than Rick Zabel. But we grew up playing sports together. And even though he rode for another team, we arrived together at the finish in Paris, and he was the first one I kissed because we were both there.

Sütterlin was the only German selected for the 2021 Tour team of the DSM team. His job on stage 1 was to help his team managers, leading perhaps to a first place for his Belgian. puncher Tiesj Benoot at the end of the stage at the top of a hill. But those shots suddenly dropped 151 kilometers into the special when Jumbo-Visma’s Tony Martin collided with a handwritten cardboard sign held by the infamous spectator and triggered a domino effect that wiped out half the field. Of the 188 runners, only one could not continue: Jasha Sütterlin.

Describing the incident on German television, Martin said he was at the front with all of his Jumbo-Visma teammates.

“I wanted to pass my teammate Robert Gesink on the right,” he said. “I saw that [the spectator] was holding something in his hand, but it happens a lot on the Tour. You have to assume that it will move sideways. Otherwise, we have to give every fan a big place, and then we won’t do anything else here. “

Martin said he noticed that the viewer’s attention was not on the pitch, but on the TV motorbike, but he could no longer avoid hitting the sign: “There was no space and no time. reaction for me. I ran there and I had no chance “

With around 90 riders and motorcycles spilled on top of each other, it was astonishing that no one was more seriously injured. This included Sütterlin, who suffered a badly lacerated wrist.

He told the hospital, “I can’t really move my right wrist, so it was impossible for me to continue today. It’s a good thing that nothing is broken, but I can’t say more than I am so disappointed to be coming home. I wish the rest of the guys the best of luck on the Tour.

A few years ago Sütterlin said: “I love cycling and this is my life. I have turned my hobby into a profession and I want to live it as long as possible. Cycling is the coolest sport of all because it takes place on the road and you don’t fight the others. The only opponent you have in cycling is yourself. And anything can happen. You never know exactly what to expect 100%.

Certainly, no one expected a fan holding a cardboard sign to drop half the peloton on the opening stage of the Tour de France.

* * *

The lost boys of the Tour: Three riders were forced to abandon the race during stage 1: Sütterlin; Frenchman Cyril Lemoine of B&B Hotels-KTM (four broken ribs, a cut behind the right ear and a collapsed lung); and Lithuanian Ignatas Konovalovas from Groupama-FDJ (concussion). Spaniard Marc Soler, one of the best climbers in the Movistar team, was unable to start stage 2 after bravely completing stage 1 (with two broken elbows). And three riders were forced to abandon the race during stage 3: Australian Jack Haig from Bahrain Victorious (broken collarbone); Dutch Robert Gesink from Jumbo-Visma (concussion and broken collarbone); and Australian sprinter Caleb Ewan from Lotto-Soudal (broken collarbone). As a result, the Tour’s starting peloton, made up of 184 people, was reduced to 177.

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The 2020 class crosses the stage at the graduation ceremony


LAS CRUCES – After a year of preparation, hundreds of students from the Class of 2020 finally walked on stage, wearing caps and gowns to celebrate their high school graduation.

Although each of the six high schools in Las Cruces public schools held driving graduation ceremonies in 2020, many graduates were eager to have a ‘normal’ experience.

The district kept a promise from the late Superintendent Karen Trujillo and welcomed the Class of 2020 to a traditional graduation event Thursday at Centennial High School.

“It’s really a feeling of closure, because we didn’t really have that towards the end of the year,” said Gabrielle Rosales, a Mayfield High School graduate. “Now that we’ve done that, it’s like we can finally give up our high school years.”

About 300 students from the Class of 2020 showed up at the event in person, or about 20% of all students in the district who graduated that year.

Class of 2021: A look at Las Cruces area high school graduation ceremonies at The Field of Dreams

Ahead of the graduation of the Class of 2020 on Thursday, the district held a ceremony for the 91 summer graduates of the Class of 2021.

Appropriate recognition

Las Cruces High graduate Natalia Kolosseus said it was the first time they had been seen or mingled with many of their classmates since schools became remote in March 2020 to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus SARS CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease.

More than 300 graduates of the Class of 2020 from Las Cruces Public Schools listen to administrators during the graduation ceremony at Centennial High School on July 1, 2021.

When schools became remote, all traditional events, including graduation, prom and senior ditch day, were dismissed due to the pandemic. By the time many of these events made a comeback in 2021, after schools returned for full re-entry in early April, the class of 2020 was long gone.

“It was so unfinished,” said Miranda Garcia, LCHS graduate. “We did 12 years of the hardest work of our lives not to get the best part at the very end. That’s what was really difficult. I think we all have scar tissue because of it.”

“(The drive-thru) didn’t look good to me,” said Oñate High School graduate Christopher Madrid. “It was just like all this work was for nothing, just to get a drive-thru. But now that we actually have a ceremony, it seems appropriate.”

Many graduates walked for their families and for themselves.

Las Cruces High Class of 2020 graduate Celia Acosta smiles as she shakes hands with Las Cruces public school board members and administrators during the graduation ceremony at Centennial High School on July 1 2021.

“I feel like we’re finally recognized for (our graduation) and they’re actually doing something for us,” said Celia Acosta, graduate of Las Cruces high school and former class president. senior. “My parents were so excited. My sister, she has a disability, so she won’t go to college. For us, walking together was such a great accomplishment.”

A warm ceremony

Jim Schapekahm, principal of the recently rebranded Organ Mountain High School (that was Oñate in 2020 and 2021), advised students to focus on what they gained “through this trip”, rather than what was lost.

Graduation:Last class: Oñate’s latest cohort of high school graduates take the stage

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Bulldawg, or a Hawk, or a Golden Eagle, or a Knight or a Trojan or a Trailblazer. You all survived. And because we believe in all of you, we know that you will continue to do great things, ”he said.

Mireya Sánchez-Maes, Mayfei Major of 2020, delivered a powerful speech in front of her fellow graduates.

Mayfield High School Promotion Major Mireya Sánchez-Maes delivers a powerful speech during the graduation ceremony at Centennial High School on July 1, 2021.

“Guys, I know this is going to sound really weird, but I swear we graduated last year,” Mireya said to begin her speech.

Mireya highlighted first-generation high school graduates, students who worked while in high school, and bilingual graduates by asking each group to stand up.

“Not only did we graduate from high school juggling and family responsibilities, but we kept pushing even after we graduated,” Mireya said. “That’s why we get two degrees: because we’re tough guys, resilient, versatile and bilingual, who achieved something great, even when the world was falling apart. We achieve something great when the odds were against us. “

Karen Trujillo’s legacy

Wendi Miller-Tomlinson, assistant superintendent of teaching, learning and research at LCPS, at the ceremony, said the district had not forgotten Trujillo’s pledge to hold an awards ceremony. appropriate diplomas.

“It took a while, but today, July 1, 2021, our state is fully open. And we’re finally here to celebrate you, Class of 2020,” Miller-Tomlinson said.

Read more:Governor Lujan Grisham announces New Mexico will remove COVID-19 restrictions and reopen on July 1

Trujillo died suddenly after being hit by a car on February 25 while walking her dogs. His death deeply affected the community and many people at the graduation ceremony on Thursday had tears in their eyes.

Miranda and Natalia both said they were close to Trujillo and his family.

The graduates of the Class of 2020 from Las Cruces High School take a photo at the end of the graduation ceremony at Centennial High School to commemorate this moment on July 1, 2021.

“She really wanted to give something to this course because her daughter was also graduating in 2020,” Miranda said. “I think a lot of people who knew her do it for her, in memory of her. It’s really important, especially for people like us who love being close to her, to know that we can do it for her is very important to us.

“It’s more important that we do this for her, than anything else.”

“She tried so hard for the drive-thru,” Natalia said. “Karen Trujillo, she really did a lot of work on this record, just to get something for us.”

Miranda Cyr, a member of the Report for America Corps, can be contacted at [email protected] or @mirandabcyr on Twitter. Show your support for the Report for America program at https://bit.ly/LCSNRFA.

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Sex / Life Season 2: 3 shows to watch while waiting for the next season


In order to replicate the success of other risky series and films, premiered last Friday on the Netflix series “Sex / Life” with Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel and Adam Demos.

The first season of the series has 8 episodes in which the story of a dangerous love triangle is addressed where the sexual dissatisfaction of the protagonist will be the key to moving the story forward.

“Her daring sexual past collides with her present as a wife and mother when the bad boy she never ceases to fantasize with once again bursts into her life,” says the official synopsis of the series, which was quickly published. among the most-watched of the streaming platform.

Below, we go over three more “risk” series that are available in the Netflix catalog that you can’t miss:


Spanish series whose first season of 13 chapters is available on Netflix. It stars Jesús Mosquera, Cristina Castaño and María Pedraza.

“After spending seven years in a prison in Malaga, a stripper tries to prove that it was not he who killed her lover’s husband,” says the official synopsis of the series.

Like ‘Sex / Life’, the Spanish series was one of Netflix’s “risky” bets.

Dark desire

Mexican series starring Maite Perroni, Erik Hauser and Alejandro Spitzer which swept Netflix last year, becoming one of the most watched series on the streaming service. His high-tension scenes had been talking for several months.

“Alma, a married woman, lives a weekend getaway that ignites a passion, unleashes misfortune and makes her doubt those around her,” says the official synopsis of Netflix.

All 18 chapters of the first season are available on Netflix and the expected second season of the series is coming soon.

The club

Another Mexican series that has also made people talk for its daring scenes. It stars Alejandro Speitzer, Minnie West and Jorge Caballero.

“In Mexico, a group of rich and rebellious boys engage in drug trafficking, but what appears to be a heavenly peak soon turns into a downfall,” says the official synopsis of the series.

The first season has 25 chapters available on Netflix.

Blunt talks about transportation, tourism and broadband at Hannibal Visit


The senior senator from Missouri traveled to northeast Missouri on Wednesday to listen to the concerns of his constituents.

One of the stops on Senator Roy Blunt’s tour was the new Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau, where a group of business people, regional leaders and the media gathered to visit the senator on what is important to them.

Among the topics of discussion the senator touched on were the importance of getting money into the pending transportation bill for locks and dams along the Mississippi, especially the stretch north of St. Louis. .

Other topics covered included tourism, with the number of people coming to America’s hometown rising to 2019 levels after the pandemic, and rural broadband, a topic that has come to the fore following the outbreak. pandemic when so many rural Missouri students were forced into virtual classroom situations, some with little or no internet access.

Along with his visit to Hannibal, Blunt stopped by Perry, Monroe City, Clarence, Macon and Moberly on Wednesday.

WATCH: Stunning photos of animals from around the world

From grazing Tibetan antelope to migrating monarch butterflies, these 50 photos of wild animals from around the world capture the astonishing grace of the animal kingdom. The upcoming gallery unfolds sequentially from air to land to water and focuses on birds, land mammals, aquatic life and insects when working in pairs or groups, or sometimes alone .

WATCH: Milestones in women’s history since you were born

Women have left their mark on everything from entertainment and music to space exploration, athletics and technology. Each passing year and each new milestone clearly shows how recent this history is compared to the rest of the country, as well as how far we still have to go. The resulting timeline shows that women consistently make the story worthy of top-selling biographies and textbooks; someone just needs to write about them.

Scroll on to find out when women in the United States and around the world won rights, the names of the women who broke the glass ceiling, and the women from which country came together to end a civil war.

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LaLiga announces unique partnership with African giants Al Ahly


In order to support the future of the beautiful game through education, the high-flying Spanish body has signed a pact with the Red Devils

Through its education department, LaLiga Business School, LaLiga will collaborate with one of Africa’s biggest football clubs, Al Ahly SC, to launch a course as part of its MBA program. The course is expected to launch in Madrid, from November 2021.

The LaLiga “LaLiga MBA” focuses on preparing people who want to lead change in the sports and entertainment industry and features the participation of top professionals in the sports industry.

In addition, it will draw on case studies from La Liga and its 42 clubs, as well as other players in the sport, entertainment, and technological and digital environments, using cutting-edge first-hand methodologies as well as LaLiga’s own operational techniques and efficient mechanisms.

During the course, a case study will be conducted on Al Ahly SC, titled: “From Regional Leadership to International Prestige: The 20th Century African Club Journey with the Largest Fan Base.

Egyptian superclub Al Ahly will play the Caf Champions League final against South Africa’s Kaizer Chiefs in Casablanca on July 17, 2021.

“Our partnership with Al Ahly SC will provide a new international mindset to the world of football, as our goal within this program is to help professionalize the global sports industry and capture the talents of today. and tomorrow. The more internationally qualified and diverse people we have in the industry, the better equipped football will be for growth, ”said Jose Moya, Director of LaLiga Business School.

Secure internships and international field trips to New York and Miami are some of the other exciting perks of the program, along with hands-on sessions with managers from top clubs and global organizations such as Al Ahly SC, Premier League, Serie A and MLS.

Javier Tebas President of La Liga

“Our mission in Egypt is to foster strategic collaborations like this one. Our relationship with Al Ahly SC has been strong from the very beginning, and we look forward to collaborating on bigger projects in the near future, ”said LaLiga Egypt delegate Juan Fuentes.

The program contains six complete modules comprising; Management in the sports industry, new marketing, digital and technological breakthrough, media and entertainment, major sporting events, innovation and entrepreneurship.

While each course is built on the same values ​​and with the same objectives, the speakers are varied and the students will learn from experts specific to each country, in addition to 20 hours of instruction given by teachers from LaLiga.

The MBA is open to international applicants, including Egyptians. Students from all over the world are expected to join the program and places are limited to ensure the quality of the Master and personalized attention to each of the participants.

The program will take place in Madrid from November 2021 to July 2022 and will be taught entirely in English.

“Whether they are already working in football or are brand new to the industry, we offer courses that were not available before and can help people approach football with a new business mindset. “, Moya added.

Those interested in the program can find out more on the following pages connect.

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FEDELE launches a virtual escape room and raffles trips to Spain


The Federation of Spanish Language Schools (FEDELE) has launched a virtual escape room and will raffle eight 14-day all-inclusive trips to Spain for players who have managed to “get away from it all”.

In the Escape Room, players are tasked with helping Álvaro Berdión unravel a centuries-old mystery. They discover works of art, great literary works, the Spanish language and many Spanish places.

With this activity, FEDELE hopes to raise awareness of Spanish as a foreign language, encourage people to discover Spanish culture and promote safe tourism at a time of sectoral reactivation. In addition, the winners will enjoy a treasure hunt in different localities that will allow them to experience total linguistic immersion with activities ranging from crossing part of the Camino de Santiago, to taking a hot air balloon in Cadiz, to visiting from the Prado Museum in Madrid. .

The activity benefits from the international support of institutions such as TURESPAÑA, Instituto Cervantes, embassies and educational councils. In addition, a large number of local institutions will ensure the experiences of the winners in Spain.

For more information, please visit elmisterioespanol.com.

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WKU Tennis announces five signings for upcoming season – WKUHerald.com


Credit: William Kolb / HERALD

The WKU Women’s Tennis Team trains on the newly constructed tennis courts at the South Campus. The courts are intended for use by the WKU tennis team and intramural sports.

WKU Tennis head coach Greg Davis announced five incoming Lady Toppers on Wednesday morning for the 2021-22 season.

“I wanted to build a more thorough team,” Davis said in a press release. “Looking at the national title teams that I had, I felt like we had an opportunity to win and succeed at nine positions – six singles, three doubles – and that was the group’s goal. That we have. “

Taylor Shaw, State of Missouri

Shaw just finished two seasons with the Bears. She compiled a 7-7 record in singles matches and went 4-5 in doubles in her freshman year in 2019-20. The Little Rock, Arkansas native was the state’s No.1 rookie in 2019, leading Little Rock Christian Academy to three conference championships. Shaw finished second as a junior.

Paola Cortez, State of Kennesaw

Cortez, from Cochabamba, Bolivia, comes to WKU after two seasons with the Owls. In doubles, Cortez compiled a career record of 7-11 at the No.1 position and a 2-2 record at No.2. Cortez has won eight singles and doubles titles in the ITF junior game. (International Tennis Federation) and competed for Bolivia. in the WTA Fed Cup, winning their singles match against Peru.

Rachel Hermanova, Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy

Hermanova, from the Czech Republic, has spent the previous two years of her career in Spain at the Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy. His most notable singles accomplishments at the ITF J5 competitive level are a second place finish in El Salvador and semi-final appearances in Panama and Costa Rica. Hermanova also finished second in Panama and the Canary Islands in doubles as well. Hermanova intends to study journalism at WKU in order to become a TV presenter.

Sofia Cerezo, Spain

Cerezo, from Madrid, Spain, reached 65th in the Spanish Open standings, where she beat three opponents who ultimately won college scholarships. Cerezo is a three-time regional singles champion and national doubles finalist and helped her regional team win back-to-back championships in 2017 and 2018.

Sofia Blanco, Venezuela

Blanco, from Caracas, Venezuela, was ranked No.1 in the country and currently sits 514th in the ITF. Blanco has competed in numerous singles and doubles tournaments across Venezuela and other South American countries while also earning a 3.6 GPA at Mater Salvatoris.

The signing quintet will join returning players Cora-Lynn von Dungern, Samantha Martinez, Alexis Cramer and Laura Bernardos for the 2021-22 season and the team’s fall schedule is expected to be released in the coming months.

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