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Pardee School students and alumni named Fulbright semi-finalists


Ximena Aragon (BA IR ’20), Tima Dasouki (BA IR ’22), Catherine Kreider (BA IR ’21), Andrew Reilly (BA Italian & Linguistics and IR ’22), Sylvia Stoyanova (BA IR ’22) and Miruna Visuian (BA IR ’22) has advanced to the final stage of the Fulbright US Student Program exam.

For the 2022 Fulbright cycle, Boston University received a record 66 applications from seniors, graduate students, and recent alumni. We are proud to say that six of 37 participants named Fulbright Semifinalists by the US National Selection Committee are members of the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies community.

Aragon, a second-time Fulbright semi-finalist, currently works at the United Nations Foundation in DC Thanks to the master’s award from Fulbright’s IE School of Global and Public Affairs, she will pursue the Master’s in International Development. If awarded the prize, Ximena will return to study in Madrid as she did in her first year of study abroad and will have the opportunity to emerge fully into Spanish culture by serving as a cultural ambassador of United States.

Dasouki is an undergraduate majoring in International Relations and Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the Pardee School of Global Studies. She was recently awarded the Pickering Fellowship, where she will complete a two-year master’s program and serve as a Foreign Service Officer with the US Department of State. Tima is an alumnus of the Critical Language, Boren and Gilman scholarships for the study of Turkish. The Fulbright scholarship she was selected for is the English Teaching Assistantship in Turkey, with which she would teach English in Turkish classrooms while serving as a cultural ambassador for the United States.

Kreider works for an international charity, the Organization for World Peace, as a senior writer, climate change/environmental conflict advisor, and coordinator of the OWP Crisis Index. With a Fulbright scholarship, she hopes to complete a master’s degree in global development at the University of Copenhagen. Catherine plans to study the relationship between climate change and development. She plans to write her thesis on how sustainable development in countries vulnerable to climate change can address regional insecurities.

Reilly is a graduate in Italian, Linguistics and International Relations. Having studied Italian for nearly a decade, he would love to put his language and cross-cultural communication skills to good use while teaching English in Italy. Reily hopes the Fulbright scholarship will steer her toward a career with the State Department or in education.

Stoyanova is a senior specializing in international relations with a functional track of international economics, business and politics and a regional track of Europe. She spent a lot of time studying, doing internships and working abroad. Receiving a Fulbright will allow him to continue learning about new cultures while teaching others about his own American culture.

Visuian is a senior studying international relations with minors in religion and German. With the combined Fulbright scholarship in Austria, Miruna will participate in research at the University of Innsbruck and serve as a teacher at a local secondary school. Through her research, she hopes to analyze how the Austrian People’s Party reacted to the pressure of the 2015 migration crisis by studying the rhetorical divides between local and national levels.

The Fulbright US Student Program provides grants for individually designed research or arts projects, graduate programs, or English teaching assistantships in participating countries outside of the United States. Over the past ten years, Boston University students have enjoyed great success with the Fulbright program, with more than 60 students engaged in research, graduate studies, creative arts projects, and teaching in many of the 140+ Fulbright partner countries. It should be noted that BU was once again named Fulbright Scholars Top National Producer for 2021-2022. For more information on the Fulbright program, visit BU’s scholarships and fellowships website. View the full list of BU’s 2022 Fulbright Semi-Finalists online.

Pardee School students and alumni named Fulbright semi-finalists


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