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Powell is so good a non-stock UW cornerback it hurts


The University of Washington defense offers so many strengths, players who can take out blockers, tackle, run and cover.

Still, a pet peeve for some of the defenders who came before them is that not everyone on this side of the ball likes to kick. This is noticeable by the angles they take on a tackle. Well, it happens.

Mishael Powell doesn’t have this problem at all.

In the final scrum available to the media a week ago, Seattle High School walk-in cornerback O’Dea crashed into Michigan transfer Giles Jackson. He left the new wide receiver face down, lying on the artificial surface, without the soccer ball.

Four possessions later, Powell threw his well-muscled 6-foot-1, 200-pound frame into Kansas junior-college transfer winger Quentin Moore, who was four inches taller and 50 pounds heavier.

Moore held onto the ball, but lost his breath and possibly his sense of conscience. A pair of sneakers must have accompanied him carefully to the sideline.

Each time from the stands after these painful exchanges, a loud voice cried out: “Real guys smell blood !!!”

It was Darrell Powell, Mishael’s father and once a talented player himself from a well-known Seattle football family, as exuberant and in your face as his corner son.


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