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Prime Numbers NFT Solutions Went Wild on the XDC Network


MADRID, SPAIN/ACCESSWIRE/March 9, 2022/ With the growing popularity of NFTs, ecosystems that leverage NFTs to create new offerings are also emerging at a rapid pace. However, Prime Numbers takes this concept of an NFT-based ecosystem to the next level by offering unique NFT solutions and utilities.

Prime Numbers is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that sells NFTs to fund scholarships. But it does not stop there. The Prime Numbers ecosystem is a triad solution service consisting of DAO, NFT and blockchain game integration, all running in sync on the XDC network – it is the first of its kind on XinFin.

The platform uses generative NFTs to create distinct and unique attributes for each NFT through special inputs. Prime Numbers also integrates a revolutionary staking mechanism into its ecosystem, allowing users to earn rewards by staking Prime Numbers tokens in their NFTs.

These NFTs also have vital functions in the game play to earn prime numbers. Players and NFT holders receive royalty payments on their NFTs, and they can increase the amount they receive by upgrading their in-game NFTs. This approach encourages game participation and provides added value to the whole of the ecosystem.

Prime number NFTs are available in different collections. The first set to be released will be generative and handcrafted – a collection consisting of 4,111 NFTs in the Prime collection, of which 4,096 are generative and 15 are handcrafted. Next, Prime Numbers will unveil a series of 3D PFPs from some of the world’s most acclaimed artists.

The Prime Numbers ecosystem is powered by its native token, PRNT, which performs several functions on the platform, including staking, DAO governance, in-game functionality, and NFT lottery. The platform also has a multi-chain bridge allowing users to access the XDC, ETH or BSC chain.

Prime Numbers leverages its token model of sharing NFT products to promote fairness and transparency. Students will receive 30%, developers 30%, PRNT holders 35%, and the team will receive the final 5%. An additional 2.5% of all resales will go to PRNT holders and an additional 2.5% to the DAO of primes, which will automatically pay 1% to the student fund, according to the NFT Royalty Standard.

All presale, private sale, and seed round participants will receive special NFTs that offer even better rewards. These NFTs are unique and will never be minted again. Therefore, the presale was the last opportunity to acquire one.

As part of Prime Numbers’ unique staking mechanism, participants stake PRNT tokens in their NFTs, which gives inherent value to the NFT. Owners can then sell these NFTs with staked $PRNTs as a package deal in any NFT marketplace. The NFT will steadily increase as users place their tokens inside.

Prime Numbers has partnered with the web3 credential network, Galaxy Project, and other NFT collections to provide its community with new offers and better services. The team strives to grow a large community that supports the fundamental ideas behind prime numbers as the platform evolves into a DAO entirely powered by community decisions.

The team is currently working on improving its token staking mechanism, developing the game of primes, opening up new passive income avenues for its community, and increasing exposure in s’ listing on CEX and DEX.

“The effects of the pandemic on the education system have mostly been ignored. Education is more expensive and the economic fallout from the pandemic is only making matters worse. We imagined Prime Numbers to solve this problem by leveraging the wonders of NFTs and blockchain technology. We provide scholarships to students in need and are building a unique ecosystem around this initiative to reward all participants. – Arturo Cantera, Founder, Prime Numbers.

About Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers is an NFT-powered ecosystem developed to help fund student education by selling NFTs and providing scholarships from the proceeds. The platform is multi-chain and available on XDC-ETH-BSC networks.

Website: https://www.primenumbers.es/
Telegram: https://t.me/PrimeNumbersFi
Discord: https://discord.gg/primenumbers
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrimeNumbersFi


CEO: Arturo Cantera
City: Madrid, Spain
Company Name: PrimeNumbers DAO
Official email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of security or any other product or service in this article. Additionally, nothing in this PR should be construed as a recommendation. Readers are encouraged to do their own research.

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