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Real Madrid Foundation launches new school in Uganda


NEW STORIES. 04/05/2022

Thanks to the agreement with the Xcalibur Foundation, 160 children at risk of social exclusion in Kampala will be able to benefit from football and values.

the Real Madrid Foundation and the Xcalibur Foundation have recently entered into a collaboration agreement to establish the first social sports school in Uganda. Enrique Sánchez, Executive Vice President of the Real Madrid Foundation, and María José Toro Sánchez, President of the Xcalibur Foundation, formalized the agreement at an event attended by real Madrid ambassador Alvaro Arbeloa.

the Real Madrid Foundation came to Kampala City to provide support to 160 children aged 6 to 16 from Naguru Katali Primary School, located in an area where residents do not have access to basic services such as access to clean water, shelter, health care and education. In partnership with the Xcalibur Foundation and with the support of MTN Uganda, the project is carried out by the local NGO Youth Sport Uganda (YSU), with the objective of providing children with social and educational opportunities centered on the main values ​​of growth. , using sport as an educational and motivational tool. The project also enjoys the full support of the Ugandan government, provided through the Ministry of Education and Sports, with whom the Xcalibur Foundation has entered into a collaboration agreement.

Arbeloa commented: “With this social sports school that combines the values ​​of football with a comprehensive educational program, children will become drivers of change in their environment, and the most important thing is this projection towards the future: changing lives through sport. “. María José Toro Sánchez expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm for a project that will encourage “commitment to school to facilitate access to formal education and in the social values ​​of respect, equality, hygiene. .. Hopefully this will be the first of a long series that we can develop together”.