Home Madrid scholarships [Review] Elite Season 4 – How does he get meaner and stay so good ?!

[Review] Elite Season 4 – How does he get meaner and stay so good ?!

[Review] Elite Season 4 – How does he get meaner and stay so good ?!

Netflix’s ‘made for’ teen drama in Spanish, Elite dropped out of the long-awaited Season 4. A good thing too, because the series is better than ever. Yeah, I said that. I know you’re probably thinking, “How? Did season 3 end so well? But guys, they did!

Elite tells the story of super sexy young high school students in Madrid who go to Las Encinitas, a fictional elite high school. The show revolves around the messy relationship between three working-class students enrolled in the school on scholarships and their wealthy classmates.

The Season 3 mystery ended after Polo’s accidental murder was revealed and deemed to be suicide. Cayetana refuses Polo’s parents’ offer to pay her school fees. Instead, she accepts a job as a school janitor in order to stay enrolled. Samuel, Guzman, Ander and Rebeka return to repeat their final year with newcomer Omar, who is now enrolled as a full-time student.

Season four of Elite Brings even more mystery

It wouldn’t be a season of Elite if we didn’t start from a mystery. Season 4 begins with the arrival of a new director and his children – Ari, Mencia and Patrick. In addition, a new mystery after the discovery of Ari on the verge of death. The story unfolds with two distinct timelines, with many beautiful transitions that help keep everything clean and clear without any confusion. Season 4 continues its positive sex train with representation across the sexual spectrum even showing one of the boys using a condom for sex that we don’t see often enough.

You might think the series doesn’t need more characters, but honestly the addition of Ari, Mencia, and Patrick is incredibly refreshing. They bring new energy, fun storylines, and a lot of drama with them. As well as being much more developed as characters compared to additions from previous seasons like Yeray and Malick.

Overall, season 4 of Elite is strong and never, and it lets his fan base know exactly why they’ve already been renewed for Season 5! Will you watch ?? Let us know!

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