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Sacyl opens the door to medical students in Ukraine


Sacyl has decided to offer students from Castilla y León who are studying in the medical universities of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to return to the Community to be able to continue their studies until the resolution of the conflict with Russia. Sacyl has already contacted the two faculties of medicine, Salamanca and Valladolid, whose rectorates have agreed to collaborate to prevent these young people from seeing their training paralyzed.

At the moment, the number of students who could take this step is unknown, since the process has just begun, according to sources Ical of the Ministry of Health, whose training department has already contacted the consulates in order to find out how many the young people of the Community study in these countries and what would be the necessary requirements to be able to homologate this training. In addition, it has launched a message on its social media profiles to reach potential stakeholders, who can contact those responsible for the program by email [email protected]

The University of Salamanca and the University of Valladolid are working on the most appropriate formula so that the homologation certification does not remain in limbo. To do this, they will analyze on a case-by-case basis the study plans of the universities of origin, as well as the subjects that these students have studied, they even envisage being able to articulate a program to use an Erasmus, with a “circumstantial character for something exceptional, ”explains to Ical the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valladolid, José María Fidel Fernández Gómez.

“This is a very special situation, for which you have to choose the best system. An Erasmus-type program would be completely legal and would allow these students to be welcomed because of a glassy situation of which we do not know where it will lead us”, explains the dean, who welcomes this initiative to help “co -nationals”. to avoid problems in their training.

Although there are no closed dates for the “welcoming” of students, Fernández Gómez is convinced that decisions will be made quickly and that students will be able to be in the Community in a few days, in March, since the second semester has already started and thus avoid missing the training. days.

Regarding the availability of places, he adds that in theoretical education there are no problems of space, since there will not be too many students and “where two eat, three eat”, and in the case of internships, Sacyl has promised to put all the means they can be trained.

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The more than high cut-off marks (13,121 out of 14 in the case of medicine at UVa and 12,952 at Usal), the high demand for these studies by students in Spain, as well as their educational quality, mean that many Castilla y León students find themselves without a place and have to go to other communities, to private universities and, also, to other European countries, in the case of Ukraine and those three Baltic countries where “nothing is given to them”.

Its universities have a “very high quality” education and allow them to develop a career in English, which Fernández Gómez considers “great value and which gives students a future more open to the world”. Of course, this is training that “isn’t cheap”.

“The training they receive is very good; they are universities with a certain military aspect; very organized. They don’t give them anything for free and they train them very well, which is what we all want: well-trained doctors. Some will stay, some won’t; but it opens many doors for them, in Spain, where they can pass the MIR, and in other countries like the United States, where the test is very demanding, but they have the advantage of having studied six in English”, concludes Ical, Dean of the Faculty of Grape Medicine.

Consequences of single district

Currently, less than a third of the first year students of the medical degree at the University of Salamanca (Usal) are from Castilla y León, a percentage much lower than the 67.7% of the same degree of the public establishment of Valladolid (Uva).

At the Faculty of Salamanca, only 31.7% are students from the Community. This is the lowest figure for years. Castilian and Leonese students occupy 57 of the 180 places in the first year. The percentage of Community students in recent years at Usal was around 50%. The past, for example, was 41.8% while in 2019-20 it was 49%. According to enrollment data from the University of Salamanca, one would have to go back to the 2013-2014 and 2011-2012 academic years to find so few students from the university districts of Castilla y León, with 35.4 and 36.6 respectively. %.

On the contrary, the high rate of enrollment of students from the Community this year in the first medical course at UVa is surprising. The 67.7% of students in one of the provinces of Castilla y León is well above the average of 50% in recent years. Out of a total of 192 places offered in this course, 130 are occupied by young people who have completed their Baccalaureate studies in the Community. They are followed, by far, by the 21 Andalusian students, who represent 10.9%. The list is completed by Madrid (seven); Cantabria, Catalonia and Galicia (six, in each case) and Valencia (five), among others.