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Sánchez delivers Catalonia ‘minimum living income’ and government thinks transfer ‘rare’


The Generalitat and the Government have made progress in transfers to Catalonia, for the management of scholarships and minimum living income or infrastructure historically requested, but they disagreed on the scope, which the government considered measures “timidwhile the Central Executive describes them as “historic”.

The Bilateral State-Generalitat Commission met this Friday at the Palau de la Generalitat, seat of the Catalan government in Barcelona, ​​with the Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagra, and the Minister of Territorial Policy and Government Spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, at the head of the two delegations.

The Catalan delegation also had other ministers such as digital policies and the vice-president of the government, Jordi Puigneró, or the economy, James Giron, as well as the government delegate in Madrid, Ester Capella.

On behalf of the Government, the Secretaries of State Alfredo González (Territorial Policy), Héctor Fernando Izquierdo (Relations with the Courts) and Xavier Flores (Infrastructure), as well as the Government Delegate in Catalonia, Maria Eugènia Gay, participated with Rodríguez . others.

The meeting made it possible to put some preliminary agreements on track, such as the one relating to the future transfer to Catalonia of the Minimum Vital Incomea non-contributory benefit that works alongside the guaranteed citizenship income offered by the Generalitat, whose intention is to move towards an integrated management of the two benefits.

The creation of three technical notebooks was also agreed to transfer the management of scholarships for students, for school insurance and for the economic modules of the judicial bodies.

The Generalitat will also recover the forest estates of Arnui, El Vilar and Montsià, but above all two infrastructures that have historically been in demand: the meteorological observatory of the Home Tutorial and the Xerta-La Sènia irrigation canal; in addition to seven wastewater treatment plants and a civil registry building in Barcelona.

Likewise, the transfer of the B-23 motorway and an investment of 20 million euros by the government have been agreed, which will allow the creation of a bus lane to access Barcelona; but instead it was not possible to close the change of ownership for the B-30 and work will continue to reach this agreement later.

But despite these agreements, the press conferences that followed showed the differences between the two executives as to their scope.

From the Catalan government it was considered that “progress has been made in the relevant issues, as minimum living incomebut timid progress has been made on other important files”, declared the Minister of the Presidency.

We need tangible and broader results. Trust is based on results“, said Vilagrà, who however celebrated the unblocking of the “historic claims” of Catalonia.

More critical, however, was the Catalan vice-president, Jordi Puigneró (JxCat), who went further than Vilagrà (ERC) in the harshness of the results of the meeting: “There has been little progress, insignificant and too slow. If this is the painting in which the PSOE puts the main emphasisit is obvious that this is not enough,” he said.

Puigneró warned that “there is a risk that this type of meeting will end up being only bilateral photos“, regretting that only” commissions and working groups “are agreed. “I have the impression that transfers circulate in Cercanías: very slowly and very late,” he quipped.

For the Catalan vice-president, this meeting is “proof that Catalonia is still not a priority for the OSP governmentE”, and he estimated that if so, he would go to the management of Cercanías -which he put on the table in the meeting-, the airport or the “transfers that have l ‘look good’.

On the other hand, the Government’s assessment is diametrically opposed, qualifying the agreements as “historic, important and very positive for Catalonia“said Isabel Rodríguez.

“It is not a perception, it is a verifiable fact. We have achieved a breakthrough in competence that has not happened for more than a decade, ”said the minister and spokesperson for the executive of Pedro Sanchezvisibly satisfied.

Rodríguez wanted to especially thank “Vilagrà and all his team” for the work carried out “over the past six months” and stressed that she had also “spoken in the same terms, in historic agreement”, but avoided d evaluate Puigneró’s criticism: “Perceptions are one thing, which I respect, and the VP can have his, and reality is another.“.

In any case, the Minister celebrated the “resumption of dialogue, normality and affection, as well as progresswhich were highlighted in the bilateral. “We are living a particularly important moment,” she condemned.