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Setchain: a sidechain to multiply by a thousand the TPS


set chain

IMDEA Software is a research institute that has been contributing to the Tezos ecosystem since its first partnership with the Tezos Foundation to advance the Tezos protocol in 2018.

Setchain paper was presented at the IEEE 2022 International Blockchain Conference.

The study is the result of a collaboration with the Tezos Foundation and Nomadic Labs.

In addition to the optimistic aggregates which are currently implemented in the Tezos protocol, there are more possibilities to evolve the Tezos blockchain.

Setchain allows millions of new transactions to be added, whereas blockchains (based on the Byzantine tradition) can usually only add thousands

– Antonio Fernández Anta, research professor at the IMDEA Networks Institute.

Setchain is designed to be a secondary chain and allows for more transactions in a block by using less strict rules for the order of transactions.

“The scalability problem is mainly caused by the use of consensus algorithms to guarantee the total order of the blockchain (and operations within each block).

However, total command is often overstated, as important advanced applications of smart contracts do not require total command of all operations.

Therefore, if more relaxed partial ordering (instead of full ordering) is allowed under certain security conditions, much higher scalability can be achieved.

About iMdea Institute

The iMdea research institute is one of the seven research centers that form the iMdea initiative.

The iMdea initiative “is a project founded by the Regional Government of Madrid, included in the IV Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2005-2008 (PRICIT), with the aim of creating advanced research centers and higher education and training in the Community of Madrid.

The iMdea Software Institute recruits the best international talent to be at the forefront of research, to ensure that software is safe, reliable and efficient.