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Team Jordan awards $7,000 in scholarships to senior Culpeper graduates | Health



Team Jordan, a local suicide prevention coalition, recently awarded eight scholarships to senior high school graduates from Culpeper County and Eastern View.

Scholarship recipients were selected based on answers to essay questions related to reaching out to others who need help and approaches that could be used to provide that help.

From CCHS, the winners were Emmaline Bowler, $1,000; Rachel Dillon, $1,000; Meagan Fay, $1,000; Devon Richardson, $1,000; and Tania Elizabeth Gallegos Madrid, $500.

From EVHS, the scholarship recipients were Markus Luckinbill, $1,000; Robert Somerville, $1,000; and Fernanda Escudero, $500.

A total of $7,000 has been awarded this year, made possible by generous donors who contribute to the nonprofit’s efforts, according to a statement from Chef Chris Jenkins, President of Team Jordan. This is the seventh year that Team Jordan has awarded scholarships to local students.

“Our belief is that spreading knowledge and generating discussion leads to the expansion of our team and equates to having more people looking for others who may need help,” Jenkins said in the release. . “Like every year that Team Jordan awards scholarships, it’s not just the students who win: the whole community wins.”

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The Jordan team congratulated all scholarship recipients and thanked them for their interest in this most important topic.