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The National Quadball Tournament is coming to Marion this weekend


When I saw the news that there was a huge quadball tournament this weekend in Marion, I was a bit confused. What is quadball? But then I took a closer look at the logo. I had seen this sport before.

The three rings revealed it. Yes, quadball used to be called quidditch. The sport is a mixture of rugby, dodgeball and tag. And yes, just like in the Harry Potter movies, we play with a broom between our legs. CBS2 reports that the US Midwest Regional Quadball Tournament will take place this weekend at Tuma Sports Complex, just north of Marion. The tournament was also held in Tuma in 2018.

The sport seems quite simple. Score goals through one of three rings. But there are several positions, each with different rules that make this game much more complex than you might think. Watch this video on the rules of Quadball.

This weekend’s tournament in Tuma begins Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and ends Sunday at 9 p.m., according to CBS2. I hope they brought their broom warmers and long-sleeved shirts. This weekend’s highs will struggle to reach the low 30s.

If you want to attend a quadball game, you can buy tickets for the event HERE. Good luck to all the teams and fans spending time in Eastern Iowa this weekend!

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