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The Real Madrid Foundation gives 13,000 girls around the world access to sport


NEW STORIES. 08/03/2022

The Foundation runs an equality plan, which promotes the principles of non-discrimination and equality in relation to its core values.

the Real Madrid Foundation is the private organization with the largest number of women practicing sport under the same badge on five continents. Nearly 13,000 girls are educated in values ​​and sport through the socio-sports projects and schools of the Foundation For a TRUE education: values ​​and sport (By a REAL education: Valores y deporte) as part of holistic care and education projects.

Through the training of female coaches and educators in 76 countries, so far this season a total of 1,859 coaches have been trained worldwide and 38.4% (714) of them are women. This percentage is much higher than the number of women with a degree in physical activity and sports science with a specialization in football or basketball in Spain.

Constant growth
Approximately 12% of coaches in socio-sports projects and schools in Spain are women, while the number of female participants continues to increase in socio-sports schools of football and basketball in Spain and is approaching 400 children in both disciplines. The percentage has increased by 4 percentage points in the last two seasons of the Foundationwith a figure of 10% in 2019.

Equality within the framework of the methodology
Since its creation, the Foundation has promoted equality and non-discrimination in all its socio-sports projects around the world. Equality is one of the seven values ​​that feature in the club’s educational methodology, along with respect, motivation to surpass oneself, camaraderie, committed self-esteem, solidarity, healthy lifestyles and responsible autonomy.