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The Real Madrid Foundation sends 13,300 sportswear and balls to support the reception of refugees


NEW STORIES. 03/22/2022

The Red Cross and CESAL are among the organizations offering support to refugees upon their arrival in Madrid.

The massive influx of refugees to Spain is another of the main support mechanisms for Ukrainian nationals that the Real Madrid Foundation assists in the framework of the All with Ucrania campaign which was launched on March 5 and saw Real Madrid CF donate 1 million euros meet the needs of those who have been displaced from Ukraine. Help is also being offered in Spain through donations of clothing and sports equipment to reception centers in Madrid that are hosting refugees.

The Red Cross and CESAL are among the NGOs responsible for offering homeless Ukrainian citizens initial support upon their arrival in Spain. The objective of CESAL’s work in Madrid is to support the displaced population who traveled from Ukraine and provide them with essential materials to save lives. the Real Madrid Foundation collaborated in this action by donating 13,300 pieces of clothing and sportswear to keep those affected warm.

In the meantime, the Spanish Red Cross is responsible for two key phases: the reception of refugees in state-run centers, and its objective is to guarantee the coverage of basic needs and to strengthen personal skills to s ensure that refugees can live an independent life (through social, legal, physiological, professional and linguistic support), which only takes place once people have received a positive response to their application for international protection. the Real Madrid Foundation participates in both phases and the institution has donated more than 200 toys, balls and sports equipment, as well as 300 kits for children to support the Red Cross in the reception centers of the Community of Madrid.

The partnership between the Red Cross and the Real Madrid Foundation is a permanent feature and was in place before this crisis. Indeed, each season, several hundred children supported daily by the Red Cross receive scholarships to follow the Real Madrid Foundation socio-sports schools in various Autonomous Communities. One of the main logistics centers of the Red Cross in Madrid in this crisis is one of the places where the Foundation works with the Red Cross in its campaign for the homeless. In this case, although the persons concerned may end their stay in the reception system, they may nevertheless need support to cover their basic needs, improve their skills and continue their process of social integration and professional. In this regard, the Red Cross advises Epicenter for children, a Real Madrid Foundation partner in Ukraine, to bring and welcome in 10 families those who participate in the socio-sports schools of the Foundation.

Refugee reception network
CESAL has also deployed a foster care system for Ukrainians in the Community of Madrid in collaboration with the Familias para la Acogida charity and ukrainian charity Con Ucrania. Host families receive detailed information on the nature of the care to be offered and refugee families receive the necessary care. For CESAL and the Red Cross, their greatest need is financial assistance to send items to the conflict zone and bordering areas, given that the in-kind shipment is currently not very operational because the necessary items can be purchased in neighboring countries. You can contribute to meeting the needs of data subjects via the platform set up by the Real Madrid Foundation.

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