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The story of Alex, a brilliant student with a difficult background who vowed not to stop learning


Time and time again, our context marks us forever. Our experiences, whether at home, at school, or in our group of friends, make us one person or another, going one way or another. Álex, who is 18, was born into a family with alcohol and drug problems, his parents moved from place to place thinking that the change of scenery would end the difficulties.

Grow up suddenly

Had to grow up in forced marches, take on important responsibilities for a young adolescent man. However, he did not give up, he did not let himself be intimidated by the circumstances and soon he realized that if he wanted a stable future of progress and prosperity, he had to focus on your training, in his studies, because only then would he succeed.

Said and done, Álex graduated from high school with an average mark of 9.89 out of 10. “But that’s not enough to be able to go to college, and when I started to learn that life doesn’t give you anything, the “la Caixa” Foundation granted me a scholarship to study», Explains Álex, one of the brilliant students of the new undergraduate scholarship program of the Foundation« la Caixa ».

In particular, this is the first edition of a program which awarded 50 scholarships for talented students with few financial resources which sometimes lead to other types of difficulties. Even so, they are all brilliant students who, with perseverance and effort, obtained an average final mark for the secondary cycle or higher of 9.74 out of 10.

“I focused my life on studies”

The main objective of this new program of the “la Caixa” Foundation is to promote equal opportunities in access to university training and also offer comprehensive support for the student which allows them to develop their potential to the maximum and achieve academic excellence.

This has a positive impact, not only on them, who will be able to access the university education they want and have more opportunities in the future, but also on their family backgroundr, promoting social advancement in their environment. “I focused my life on my studies,” he continues, “because I felt that was what was going to benefit me. That is to say, if I based my life on studying, improving as a person on an individual level and have better training than the others, I knew that I would have a more prosperous future.

“I promised myself that I would never stop learning”

Despite the hard times, Alex, who can be an example for millions of young people who are going through a similar story, he explains that “being a scholarship holder allows me have more chances than the rest because it gives you an English course, a transversal skills course, you increase your study capacity, etc. ”. In short, explains the young man, looks to the future with training and knowledge, “This gives you the option of not having to worry about the economy, as well as expenses that may come or hurt.”

He also recognizes that experiences leave their mark. “Not everyone sees and values ​​the things you have, the truth, if you haven’t suffered from emotional or economic issues, etc.,” says Alex, confident and smiling. “I promised myself to never stop learning, to be able to build this future that I owe myself”, he concludes with optimism.

Millions of stories like Alex’s

Around the world, there are millions of stories like Alex’s. People who hold a brutal potential and who only, only, only need the support and the appropriate tools to bring it out from within and to give themselves and to give to society, to give us all, what they have the best.

Because there is no real progress unless we all progress. All together, all rowing, all advancing.

Scholarships for total dedication to studies

These new grants from the “la Caixa” Foundation include a monthly financial reward, which allows students to devote themselves fully to studies, as well as a first aid in the acquisition of hardware and computer equipment.

In addition to these financial allocations, the program also includes additional assistance for international stays, language courses and a support and training program in transversal skills equip students with the skills necessary to achieve academic excellence.

The 50 scholarship students come from 26 provinces: A Coruña (2), Albacete (1), Alicante (2), Almería (2), Badajoz (1), Barcelona (2), Burgos (1), Cáceres (2) Cadiz (2), Cantabria (1) , Ceuta (1), Cordoba (1), Granada (2), Huelva (1), Ibiza (1), Las Palmas (2), León (1), Lleida (1), Madrid (5), Malaga (1 ), Murcia (3), Pontevedra (3), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (3), Tarragona (2), Valencia (2), Zaragoza (2).

What else, three of the young people grew up and studied in rural communities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. These are Revilla Vallejera (Burgos), Aldeacentera (Cáceres) and Monetizar (Granada). It should also be noted that 60% of the students who obtained an undergraduate scholarship from the “la Caixa” Foundation are women and 40% men.

More than 20 universities in Spain

Scholarship recipients This first call is distributed to more than 20 universities in Spain. More specifically, these students began to continue their studies in centers of the Community of Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Castile and León, the Canary Islands, Galicia, Murcia, Basque Country, Aragon, Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha. and Cantabria.

A discipline levelThere are 14 fellows who will study careers in the social sciences; 13 in the Life Sciences domain; 12 scholarship holders who will study the arts and humanities and 11 who will achieve degrees in the field of theoretical and applied sciences.

How are the selection processes for the “la Caixa” Foundation scholarship programs carried out?

Go pThe “la Caixa” Foundation scholarship programs are recognized for the rigor and transparency of their selection process. The evaluation and selection of applications for this new scholarship program was carried out on a competitive basis.

The process consisted of two phases: a first preselection phase, during which the 150 candidates with the best score were chosen, and a second phase, during which the shortlisted candidates were invited to a personal interview before an external evaluation committee, which chose the 50 candidates having best fulfilled the requirements established in this call for scholarships.

Comprehensive support for brilliant students

The “la Caixa” Foundation scholarship program was born in 1982 with the aim of fostering international mobility and promoting excellent training and research in the best universities and research centers in the world, through its postgraduate program abroad.

Later, with doctoral and post-doctoral programs in Spain and Portugal, he was committed to attracting and retaining the best Spanish and international research talent and promoting cutting-edge research in the Iberian Peninsula. During these 40 years, more than 5,400 students and researchers have obtained one of these grants.

Now with the new “la Caixa” Foundation undergraduate scholarship program, the entity covers all stages of university and post-graduate education, while taking a new turn and combining, for the first time, the academic excellence that characterizes these scholarships with social equity. The budget for the first call for this program is 2.3 million euros.

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