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Thousands of people oppose Vox and repeal of LGTBI laws in Madrid – CVBJ


12/15/2021 at 22:54 CET


Some 2,000 people gathered on Wednesday in the Puerta del Sol by Madrid to protest against Autonomous Equality Act that Vox proposed and which will probably be rejected tomorrow at the Regional Assembly.

The protest was called by the Madrid collective LGTBI under the motto “Not a step back”and had the support of concentrations in other cities, called by the State Federation of this movement (Felgtb).

The Vox proposal includes the repeal of the law on gender identity and expression and comprehensive protection against LGTBIphobia, both approved in 2016 with the government of Cristina Cifuentes, replacing it with a text without specific reference to discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity, subsuming them into generic discrimination on “any other personal circumstances”.

Also omit the express prohibition of conversion therapy and surgical interventions in minors with both sexual characteristics, aspects which are the subject of a veto by the regulations currently in force.

PP abstention

the PP has already announced that he will abstain in the vote to take into account the Vox initiative, thus condemning it to end its parliamentary career, and the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, ruled out a possible repeal of the two regional laws that the party of Santiago Abascal wishes to suppress, although it opened the door to its modification.

But that was not an obstacle to the celebration of the demonstration, in which some 2,000 people participated, according to the government delegation, who filled the Puerta del Sol with rainbow flags and various badges representing the LGTBI collective.

they sang slogans against Vox (“Abascal is a criminal”) but also against Ayusocalling for his resignation and claiming that “this is happening because of a front government”.

As Cogam expressed in the protest manifesto, it is a “law of final inequality”which would mean “a retreat of human rights” towards “a society in which LGTBI people had only two possibilities to live: hidden or persecuted”.

“The goal, let’s be clear, is wipe us out of public lifeput us in the closet and make us live as more than 40 years ago, with fear, without recognition and without rights (…) asked to strengthen “education against LGTBIphobia” and to urgently deal with a trans law state “that does not leave non-binary trans people out.”

Representatives of the PSOE, United We Can and More Madrid

Representatives of the PSOE, United We Can and more Madridwho unanimously censured the law proposed by Vox and, above all, the position of the PP, accusing it of “putting itself in profile” with a “cowardly” abstention.

In support of the Madrid demonstration, dozens of people concentrated in Barcelonaconvened by the LGTBIcat platform and the Observatory Against Homophobia in the Parliament Street superblock with Earl Borrell.

The Felgtb had called this afternoon for mobilizations in other cities such as La Coruña, Gijón, Seville, Malaga, Huelva, Murcia and Palencia, and had also asked the LGTBI International Organization (ILGA) to send a letter to the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, already president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In this letter, the international organization asks you to protect LGTBI rights in the Community of Madrid and to vote against the Vox initiative.