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Tweety Bird Looney Tunes 80th Anniversary

Sylvester has his eyes on Tweety

Screenshot: Animation Warner Bros.

Tweety Bird was officially featured in the Oscar-winning 1942 short The story of two kittens, in which the character debuted his catchphrase: “I tawt, I taw a puddy tat!” – courtesy of voice-over legend Mel Blanc, who played Tweety for nearly 50 years. The other Oscar on Tweety’s lengthy resume is for anonymous birdsone of many Happy melodies shorts pairing him with his longtime nemesis Sylvester the cat. Bob Clampett created the character’s first prototype; Tweety was originally depicted as a naked newborn baby bird and the censors took issue with this. Credit for the feathered canary version we know and love goes to Friz Freleng.

Over the years, Tweety has quickly solidified itself as a looney tunes pillar. He was one of the little OG guys to cheer on – and no matter how many times Sylvester tried to eat him, Tweety always found a way to live to see another day. Always motivating, Tweety’s constant vigilance reminds us to watch our backs and trust no cats. Tweety can be seen in the classic looney tunes shorts, of course, but it’s also a part of Looney Tunes Cartoonsthe current HBO Max series, which pay tribute to the originals with hyper violent gags but which are updated with quirky modern comic styles.