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The bilingual city of Dublin has given the world many creative geniuses. Storytelling is a way of life here, and many prolific names such as WB Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and James Joyce call it home. With universities, bookstores and libraries promoting a culture of reading, book lovers will find a mutual appreciation for all kinds of literature.

Start your journey with the National Library and bring it to Abbey Theater. There is a dedicated center for James Joyce which offers insight into the writer’s life and works, and you can learn the ropes of printing at the National print museum. And of course there are bars involved: you can go on the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl for a sip of pleasure.

Other Dublin must-sees are the literary bridges dedicated to Samuel Beckett, James Joyce and Sean O’Casey. The International Literature Festival in May and the Dublin Book Festival are two major literary events held each year, but no matter when you come, you’re sure to choose a book (or two) by Irish writers.

There are many other ways the city can pay homage to its literary heritage and support up-and-coming writers. The National Emerging Writers Program and the One City, One Book initiative (choosing one Dublin-themed book per year and organizing events around it) are important for the city. Dublin also has an annual appointment Dublin Literary Prize which awards 100,000 euros to the winner.