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We want to help Buhari reduce poverty by sending Nigerians to China (Chinese Ambassador)



Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Cui Jianchn said the Chinese government is ready to help Nigeria reduce poverty under President Muhammadu Buhari by sending young Nigerians to China to study the system and return to have a impact on the Nigerian system.

“I hope that next year after COVID-19, I think about the possibility of bringing young people from Nigeria to go to China and learn from the Chinese side, to gain experience. I think if China can do it, Nigeria can too. We can apply not only the Chinese model, but also the way to eradicate poverty, ”said Jianchn. “I think it is necessary that both countries work to eradicate poverty. You know you have your goal. I think this is a very significant thing not only for the Nigerian people but also for the international community. “

The Chinese ambassador revealed this in Abuja on Tuesday during the closing of the Nigeria-China Cultural Week and the awards ceremony, a series of activities to commemorate October 1, the independence day of the two. country.

Last week, the envoy revealed that his country was in talks with Chinese banks to establish operations in Nigeria.

Jianchn also praised the strong bilateral relations between China and Nigeria over the past 50 years, calling for a more holistic and comprehensive approach to build “our bilateral relations in 50 years”.

During the celebration of China’s 72nd birthday, the Ambassador said the country has recorded robust growth and successes in its economy, innovation, poverty eradication, the Belt and Road Initiative. Route “, among others.

“On February 25, the Chinese president declared to the international community that we have accomplished the eradication of extreme poverty. I want to share with you that this is truly the greatest achievement of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese as a nation, ”Jianchn explained. “I would like to share with you that we can do it together because the elimination, reduction or eradication of poverty really needs leadership, and it has been shown that the Chinese president has strong will.”

He mentioned that the relations between the countries will continue to develop with strengthened ties in the fields of power, politics, economy, security, international cooperation and people-to-people collaboration.




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