What is a Refactional Loan?

Many of the people who need financial help to carry out construction, repair and conservation of a good, do not know that this type of loan of money is called refactional loan.

But … what is the most complete definition of refactionary loan ?

Well, a refactionary loan is a loan of money that is used for the construction, repair or conservation of a property. In addition, the refaction loan can be used in case you have outstanding tax debts with the company of the borrower, to pay debts incurred for the purchase of real estate and machinery, or debts for operating expenses. However, replacement loans may be requested for these situations, as long as said expenses do not exceed the year of seniority.

Basically, a refactionary loan is usually destined to the livestock, agricultural and industrial sectors.


Go destined to what is destined, a refactional loan does not end up being a loan, a loan of money, but … does the same characteristics have a refactionary loan that a “normal” loan?

The answer is no, nor does it have the same characteristics or the same requirements, since a refactional loan brings contingency to increase the production capacity, consolidates and extols the financial structure of the company and promotes the renewal of the productive fixed assets of the company. company among others.

Regarding the return period, it will depend on each Financial Entity, but normally, the repayment time of the refactionary loan is 7 years.

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When you are going to apply for a loan, whether it is a refactionary loan or not, there are a series of requirements that you must fulfill:


  1. You must request an opening contract.
  2. You must have a checking account of the Entity that grants us the refactionary loan.
  3. You will have to go through a loan Study, where your solvency will be studied to face the payment of the refactionary loan.



Once you understand the concept of refactional loan , Atrapacrédito, the online comparator of financial products advises you to search and compare the different companies that offer this type of loan and choose the one that suits you best.


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