What is and how does our fast online loan comparison tool work?

The fact that consumer loans in Spain are the most expensive in Europe, added to the complexity of the process to request them and the high number of requirements imposed by banks for their concession, has led to the emergence of digital platforms offering loans and fast credits in Internet of immediate concession. It is a more affordable and easy to process solution. Bank , the online financial comparator, is the best option to get money in the most effective way.

Undoubtedly, it is excellent news for the citizen who from time to time requires a quick credit to get out of trouble or unforeseen circumstances. The problem is that before such an offer it is difficult to find the best option. Fortunately, from Bank we provide the best customized option since we are the benchmark for quick reference loans .

What is an online credit comparison?

It is a sophisticated tool that filters and compares the financial products that are offered in digital channels (Smartphones, Tablets and desktop computers). In this way consumers can easily assess the conditions, advantages and disadvantages of each solution. All without having to spend hours browsing the pages of the different platforms that offer the online loan service.

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You just have to enter a few data in the platform, such as the amount and term of the loan you require, and in a short time you get a list of all the solutions that at that moment respond to your search criteria. Each one is accompanied by the data of the financial institution, its costs, the requirements demanded, the qualification of other users, and other information of value so that you can make the best decision.


Benefits of the online credit comparison

The comparative table that shows all the available offer in the market and updated information, besides saving you hours of browsing the Internet in search of the best microcredit, reports other benefits:

1. Save money

The online comparator presents the costs associated with the financing service of each lender. Very high interest data to choose the most economical option. In addition, it allows you to access information regarding the conditions under which the company operates, such as: what happens if you do not receive the payment within the established period, possibilities to request a loan without a payroll, and other details that can determine the cost of the solution or the complexity of the procedure.

2. No risk of fraud

Our platform works with financial institutions of recognized reputation in the middle, eliminating completely the risk of the scams that can occur when making this type of transactions over the Internet. In addition, in the comparative table we give you detailed information of each of them, allowing you to know your contact information, parent company and registration numbers. All in search of a maximum level of transparency to provide users with a higher level of confidence.

3. Access to the opinions of other clients

In the comparative tables you can find the rating that the clients give to each company, in relation to factors such as facilities in the process, time for loan approval and disbursement of money, etc. Knowing the experience of these users gives you light on the most convenient solutions.

4. Agility in the process

Our online loan comparison allows you to initiate the application process of the credit from the platform. You only have to “Click” on the button of the product that suits your needs, and you will be immediately redirected to a page of the entity that offers it so you can continue with the process. This prevents you from leaving the site, starting a new search and wasting time.


Without a doubt it is an excellent tool. The best of all is that accessing a credit from it does not generate any cost. If you are going to look for a microcredit, do not forget to visit our comparator.

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